suhwateezeDec 30, 22 9:14 AM

Definitely prefer fast plays like VENG that's how I made almost all my profits

WangoTangoDec 30, 22 9:17 AM

Faster Trades. Feel better.

ManursvrDec 30, 22 9:18 AM

Fast play, big panic, thanks Tim, feel better!!!

AmishMiserDec 30, 22 9:22 AM

The giant divide is real. 5k a month is good good good money.

TaterchipDec 30, 22 9:30 AM

I like both set ups tim

KimzGotThis2022Dec 30, 22 9:48 AM

Definitely prefer GLYC trade, feel better Tim!

DarbsDec 30, 22 9:51 AM

I like slower plays. I'm a slow executor........

Pink_QuartzDec 30, 22 11:58 AM

I like faster choppier plays like SMMT because I feel like I can get in out faster than getting stuck in a slow moving stock

MRI_GUY_007Dec 30, 22 11:58 AM

Thanks Tim , I like both. I’m still not solid with a particular pattern

imthetraderDec 30, 22 2:08 PM

I love morning spikes Tim. Didn't really understand swing trades until your GLYC trade, been following that since the initial run up, never traded.

LeeHuntDec 30, 22 3:23 PM

Thanks Tim!Happy Newyear!

JHON25Dec 30, 22 6:29 PM

Thanks Tim I like both set up morning panice and break outs.

DELERIUMDec 30, 22 7:37 PM

I love fast and I love slow. I just need to be able tell the difference better. I think it is related to the float primarily.

HIMMENYDec 30, 22 10:27 PM

GLYC was a textbook example straight from the old videos, i missed it up! I prefer slow trades like GLYC, i had it a few times long from 2 area but got shaken out, i like patience plays on the short side more , although i prefer the slow plays i do better on the quick ones

MAOTRADESDec 30, 22 11:24 PM

Fast trades... Thanks Tim!

kFox49Dec 31, 22 2:02 AM

I like both. The morning panic dip buy is great for a fast trade because the top is more often than not the high of the day but also can have a afternoon NHOD. I like the slower moving plays to HON but with a small position so I can sleep. The day trades I like to take a bigger size that I'm comfortable with so I don't get scared out of my position

LogicDec 31, 22 5:33 AM

I can't find the link that Tim promised with the Level II turn on #SHMP...anyone find it?

timothysykesDec 31, 22 5:41 AM

@kFox49 agreed, try alllll the strategies that work at any given time, they seem to rotate based on the market environment

AnotherTraderNamedTimDec 31, 22 7:16 AM

I love any and all opportunities the market will provide! Still honing in on what is working for myself and the market. Struggled with dip buying a little, but still working on it.. I guess i prefer the slower, more patient style as it is more suitable to my personality.

poniboy1Dec 31, 22 8:26 AM

I like the mornings for sure

Thom7Dec 31, 22 8:53 AM

I’m enjoying the predictablity of morning panics. I’m no longer forcing trades.

LeeHuntDec 31, 22 10:15 AM

Thanks Tim!

Thom7Dec 31, 22 2:38 PM

SMMT and MMAT are still on my radar.

Thom7Dec 31, 22 2:53 PM

Building blocks, ty btw WE has caught my eye, stepping up on NYE

kingoceanboyDec 31, 22 3:46 PM

I prefer long drawn out trades because I enjoy learning the process of sizing. But it's fun to get in and out quickly with a gain as well, I'm trusting the process. "it's a marathon not a sprint"

User_1610Dec 31, 22 4:51 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

Larry1982Dec 31, 22 7:34 PM

Thanks Tim. As a newbie I prefer the slower trades because I’m not the fastest at getting my orders in. However I want to master the morning panic dip buy.

DDTDec 31, 22 9:17 PM

Prefer the slower plays. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

26R_COLEJan 02, 23 11:49 AM

Thank you for the video lesson's Tim. Rest up and get well soon. I prefer faster quick trades with big % gains. Focus on multi month runners/ movers. I like BIG panics and I cannot lie. CUT LOSSES QUICKLY. Small gains add up

BnGDartersJan 02, 23 1:15 PM

I like both style of trades. But I am going to Start w/ the Slower trade to work on the Process. Then the 2nd when I'm ready to Advance to the next level.

jimnoble3Jan 02, 23 1:48 PM

Thanks Tim, I prefer the slower plays since I trade at work and not always able to hit the quick plays.

RobertRiggsJan 03, 23 8:18 AM

I like both setup. Just cut losses quickly when wrong with either. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

aaronmizellamJan 03, 23 11:22 AM

Watch Price Action near Key Numbers! Study and Find Ideal Setups which can Give more margin for error! Keep in Mind Former Super Novas can Run Again! Small Gains Add Up! Review ALL Your Trades!!! Thanks Tim!

mitnick2Jan 04, 23 11:04 AM

good lesson thank you Tim

hustlealldayJan 04, 23 1:47 PM

Is it wrong to choose both types of trades?

morningstar787Jan 04, 23 7:55 PM

Slow is best for me. Working 8-5 can't watch the stocks all the time.

brandonkoyJan 06, 23 7:55 AM

good stuff VENG panic was beautiful

Chris6488Jan 06, 23 12:25 PM

I like both plays, thanks Tim, great video lesson.

CSTradesJan 08, 23 9:54 AM

I definitely prefer the faster plays - panic dip buys - especially when theyr'e more in my price range. Thank you, Tim!

DASHEROJan 09, 23 1:24 AM

I plan not to discriminate between play setups. Take whatever opportunity is given to makes profits!

taylor6612Feb 01, 23 11:06 PM

I'm not sure which I prefer yet I start trading monday

BnGDartersMar 13, 23 8:55 AM

Heard for the 2nd time; still desire to start the slow move, but do want to learn the fast pace when I have more experience.

BloodhoundApr 18, 23 9:04 PM

I prefer breakouts instead of dip buys, so liked the $glyc play better

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