svaiJan 31, 15 11:28 AM

Yeah, that's everything I love about you Tim, condensed in this 15 min video lesson.

MarcMunozJan 31, 15 11:55 AM

Was expecting SHAK to open similar to HABT instead it opened way to high so I moved on. Your take on SHAK is right on & people that bought it are stupid. This video proves to your haters that just because you don't play high priced stocks doesn't mean you don't know what's going on with the market. Any intelligent person can see you know the market and what can move it. I like how you think outside the box. btw Where are my glasses? lol

AlphaJan 31, 15 12:28 PM

Thanks Tim another great lesson for small accounts!!! Exploring for low-priced sympathy plays from demanding IPOs in hot sectors is ingenious. Btw...Fat Burger has the best fries imo...ymm.

SecondLevelJan 31, 15 12:52 PM

Tim, I don't care what anyone says about this pick, that it's an unorthodox play, or even what ultimately happens to the stock - it's a low risk/high reward and solid thesis. I was actually looking for sympathies yesterday, but you beat me to it. Nice work.

SecondLevelJan 31, 15 1:01 PM

Could have several more of these fast-casual IPO sympathies in the next several months. Per WSJ: "More restaurant IPOs are in the works for 2015. Chicken-wing chain Wingstop Restaurants Inc. and chicken-and-biscuit chain Bojangles Restaurants Inc. are working with banks on potential IPOs, The Wall Street Journal has reported, citing people familiar with the plans."

bankhead89Jan 31, 15 1:39 PM

Great video lesson Tim! Thanks a lot for preparing us for different types of plays.

FutureTomFeb 01, 15 12:28 AM

Tim you are a crazy guy....nice thinking, tnx for sharing

NS786Feb 01, 15 10:59 PM

Thanks Tim.

likens2tradeFeb 02, 15 3:42 PM

Where/ How did you start your #pennystocking search for the restaurants stock value? I understand the rest of your example/ training. Thank You!

DiscoLoke13Feb 08, 15 1:21 AM

That seems basic but it is mega clever... another tool in the arsenal. THANKS!

littlemoneyFeb 10, 15 1:33 PM

Tim, Thank you for all that you do for all your subscribers. Your continued hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.I thank you for your mentor ship.

bank_a_tronicFeb 23, 15 5:43 PM

I just love the info in this video.

Chicago777Nov 30, 15 5:51 AM

In this lesson we got to see the importance of understanding sympathy plays and how the hot sectors can lift small caps as well if the ticker has similar business model, in this example we see how shake shack had an over priced ipo and ran some, this made Tim think "I wonder about any burger type plays in small caps" showed how he did a quick google search and came across Fat burger, then did a little more research and came out with a ticker out of it a penny stock it had been up-trending..

Chicago777Nov 30, 15 5:55 AM

-continued- had been up trending for about five years making it a solid daily chart. The intraday chart showed a good r/r entry point based on the formula and given that it is an undiscovered play it is not an overcrowded trade either, if you are among the first like he was to discover then you are already positioning yourself for a better outcome on your thesis, the importance of knowing how to do DD and thinking outside the box. Very good info!

GitfiddlerOct 27, 16 9:25 PM

I want a hamburger now, ha

MachinistradesJan 02, 17 10:47 PM

Nice overview of $FCCG potential, watch out for those sympathy plays!

STickerAug 10, 17 5:22 AM

thank your for getting your research thinking process!

mbsdadDec 27, 17 1:24 PM

watched and learning.

ZachRMar 23, 18 10:10 AM

Thanks Tim

AEXONEJan 11, 19 11:49 PM

It's like a treasure hunt. Sympathy plays rock!

TonyG1Apr 15, 19 6:08 PM

Thank you Tim

axlkMay 18, 19 6:04 AM

Thanks Tim. I saw you made more than 20% on this speculative trade - nice

piscott0306Sep 05, 19 6:44 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

bdriesJun 23, 5:02 AM

Watched. Thanks!

HenryCraigJul 11, 11:11 PM

Knowledge supports growth.

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