msonnytFeb 16, 15 1:19 PM

That is awesome!! All the best, msonnyt

MarcMunozFeb 16, 15 2:08 PM

Another great lesson thanks for sharing all this. I look forward to shorting GENE when it finally dumps. Let's hope there is news of financing.

nanosunaFeb 16, 15 2:14 PM

new to trading. can you guys explain in very basic terms what you whould do to short this stock?

RUSiriusFeb 16, 15 3:37 PM

IBIO is also up on speculative news of its own.

SinCityTradingFeb 16, 15 5:30 PM

Have Feb $10 Puts on $ADXS and Mar $5 Puts on $GENE. TD Ameritrade had no shares to short so I did the next best thing. Thanks for all your lessons Tim.

littlemoneyFeb 16, 15 7:42 PM

Tim, Thank you for another valuable lesson. Your continued hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. I'm looking forward to a prosperous week of trading. I thank you for your mentor ship

RustyRyan13Feb 16, 15 8:50 PM

Thank you very much! Will watch these out of the gate tomorrow. Thoughts on KING anyone?

RustyRyan13Feb 16, 15 9:05 PM

$16.70 a share at close Friday. Was up to almost $18ish early same day. Worth a watch but is a high dollar trade. They are the makers of popular Mobil games Candy Crush Saga, etc.. Almost anything with crush or saga in the title. They are growing popularity. More of a long in my opinion but has potential if the price falls again. Just wanted to get others opinions on it. Can't wait for this week...thanks Tim!

jollarFeb 16, 15 11:35 PM

@RustyRyan13 Short pumps on the first red day and buy earnings winners on breakouts. Keep it simple.

davidkahrsFeb 17, 15 1:43 AM

No video for me. This is the error message. Sorry, no screencast here.

johnconnorFeb 17, 15 2:20 AM

I get the "sorry, no screencast here" error

Chicago777Nov 30, 15 1:25 PM

In this lesson we learn that sometimes you have to be early on getting shares too short but you do not want to be too early either, Tim explains how even tho he is short he wouldn't mind if the ticker moved up a bit more he explains that usually on these patterns the higher it goes the bigger the crash in other words it opens up the door for it to have even more downside, understanding the patterns is key here, he also gave example of the 7 step frame work.

STickerJul 18, 17 5:06 AM

#Framework! makes it pretty clear when to go long and to go short!

mbsdadDec 25, 17 4:50 PM

watched and learning.

ZachRFeb 20, 18 9:17 PM

Somday I'll have a school named after me. and will be able to give back to others in a BIG way!

tyreeMar 14, 18 12:37 AM

Swell Tim Thanks

axlkMay 17, 2:21 PM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Aug 24, 1:27 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

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