makastevenJul 22, 15 8:00 PM

Just funded my suretrader account today and was frustrated just trying to look for a trade since it will be my first trade but your lesson on let the great trades come to you came in my mind. So therefore i am waiting.

bank_a_tronicJul 22, 15 8:26 PM

Wow, Tim! Larry King-that is tremendous! And you look healthy and buff as well I might add. No-guys in chat say that I have a crush on you lol, but it is admiration! You and the other profitly team guys are authentically cool to help us so much. You raise the bar for countless ppl, Tim! Of course we admire you ;) So right about appreciating our service men & women!! Land of the Free because of the Brave applies to them & peaceful activists like yourself! Just so grateful 1 ♥ ;))

calianneJul 22, 15 8:38 PM

Thanks great re-cap of today, it's awesome that Mark Crook is in there giving so much commentary but also a good reminder to study and learn from others when there are no very compelling plays.

puncarJul 22, 15 9:49 PM

When does summer end? I've only seen one face of the market but can't wait for great plays to come. Thanks for the vid Tim!

DrinkmanJul 23, 15 3:49 PM

wow, good for you Tim, Go Sykes!! :) I feel luck to be able to learn from all of you.

snhemmingerJul 23, 15 11:48 PM

Thanks for the lesson! Will definitely watch out for previous spikers.

Chicago777Dec 04, 15 1:25 PM

Key take away from this lesson is "you dont have to trade every day" it is not wise to force a trade because when the right set ups are not there and if they are not there then you are already beginning wrong on the trade, more than likely it well end bad, as we learned in some of the beginning Lessons"it is also about how well you ignore poor r/r trades"

mbsdadOct 21, 16 3:12 PM

watched and learning!

STickerDec 27, 16 5:47 AM

Was such a great interview! nice to see your old place!

MachinistradesSep 13, 17 1:19 PM

Former runners can run again, and again, and again!

YPFFMar 11, 18 9:44 PM

Watch recent spikers since they can run again.Also trade smarter not harder and take time off when there's nothing truly great to trade.

axlkDec 03, 18 5:52 AM

Thanks Tim

CrazyWillowsMay 04, 10:56 AM

Need to keep "recent" runners on your watchlist, due to big spiking opportunities, this is a follow up play, watch out for charts that are downtrending due to bag holders, also remember solo sector earnings winners are not the best, in a "summer" market stocks don't seem to spike great, big traders take summers off, random plays = random results!!!

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