rujiggyMar 16, 8:57 AM

I am over-trading also, thanks for bringing light to it.

RRTradesMar 16, 9:11 AM

Safety first. green so far this month.

Quistan84Mar 16, 9:13 AM

Thanks Tim, I can relate. It's better to under trade than to over trade, IMO.

karmanMar 16, 9:17 AM

I am trying not to trade but after a few days without trades I feel FOMO. I tried to dip buy ABML as well and was too early and missed out on the bounce. Glad to cut losses. Continue to learn the process and stay disciplined

HIMMENYMar 16, 9:21 AM

I understand, i will be more patient on entries, i have entered a few too early lately

Daniela777Mar 16, 9:28 AM

Thank you Tim. I have the tendency to watch choppy stocks all day trying to see of any setup, all while knowing they most likely don't. Just need to focus on trading less right now, and studying more. As I have been doing the last few days.

CuDeaDSooNMar 16, 9:29 AM

good vL. I have backed off a ton lately on trades and size. Focusing on making good decisions.

seemannsgeldMar 16, 9:34 AM

I understand/ will B discipline. Instead of a Retired Trader, I think I'm going to have the Mindset of always being under the PDT Rule. No matter what my acct size may be or maybe a little both. To help insure over trading and being discipline.

djshaw25Mar 16, 10:12 AM

Good to hear such transparency….. thanks

oswaldMar 16, 10:32 AM

You don't have to trade everyday, be more patient and wait for the perfect setup! Thanks Tim!

aaronmizellamMar 16, 10:39 AM

I Understand I Will Be Disciplined!!! Do Not Force Trades! Get Rid of Negativity! Be Disciplined! The Stock Never Has to DO Anything You Think It Should!! Take it One Day at a Time! You Don't Have to Prove Anything! Study Up and Study Hard!!! Be Ok with Missing Out! Thanks Tim!

taylor6612Mar 16, 10:44 AM

Thank you Tim I haven't been trading this week and focusing more on studying. There is definitely a difference this week in the market as compared to past weeks due to this bank crisis.

Sarnaud1205Mar 16, 12:03 PM

bookmarked. one of you best overall video lesson. Really appreciate the psychology aspect. more of my time lately has been spent on watching video lessons and trading much less with half size positions.

bluespeedMar 16, 1:20 PM

Did the same thing. I'm only one month in and identified a good setup. Made $560. This made me over trade and I'm now down $1100. Needed this video, thanks!

HIMMENYMar 16, 5:37 PM

thanks for sharing your mistakes for us to learn from

FranPMar 16, 9:20 PM

I think we all have gone through it no worries you’ll get back on track! At least you cut your losses quickly. Thank you for the lesson Tim

26R_COLEMar 16, 9:59 PM

Thank you for the video lessons Tim. Congratulations and what an inspiration edu_trades , awesome work. Thank you AndrooTrades for your video lesson and explanation. What a great community

BloodhoundMar 16, 10:10 PM

I will make the action pull me into the trade instead of trying to anxiously waiting for a place to jump in.

TaterchipMar 17, 7:34 AM

I understand choppy market

JHON25Mar 17, 10:04 AM

Thanks Tim great lessons i will stay diciplan.

amy_redMar 17, 11:23 AM

Thank you Tim. Learning from your losses as well as your wins.

shaktitrdrMar 17, 4:36 PM

your transparency is refreshing and the lesson is so relevant. Thank you for the reminder that the market is tough right now and that going into retirement and studying is a good option when there are no good options!

timothysykesMar 17, 5:50 PM

@shaktitrdr glad to help, EVERYONE has issues like this, but 100% of traders on Twitter profit, right? LOLOL, they just pretend it doesn't happen

PaulleeMar 17, 10:56 PM

trade less , connect with friends & family .let the best set ups come too you. i ended the week with a loss but overall up on the week .refining the process learning from losses and stacking these profits. tim you are awesome

tupuadMar 18, 10:29 PM

Thanks Tim. Will stay disciplined and not over trade. Thanks for the encouragement and reminders to stay in perspective.

User_1610Mar 19, 1:15 AM

Watching And Analyzing!

DDTMar 19, 11:48 AM

Thank you Tim.

Bwilliams3913Mar 19, 12:04 PM

I will be patient and disciplined! I’m missing out and doing shitty this year, but believe more experience, study, and preparation will benefit me in the long run. I feel like Im on the cusp of doing better and becoming profitable. Only then, will I size up. For now…keeping the 9-5

kilaMar 20, 9:34 AM

This has been me.. so I've been taking a break and studying

26R_COLEMar 20, 11:49 PM

Thank you for the lesson Tim, good confession. Be alert. Be safe

DarbsMar 21, 1:13 AM

Thanks Tim!!!!

SuzyQMar 22, 12:13 PM

WOW - I can always use these reminders, Tim. Very valuable lessons! A+ set-ups only. Cheers

cdwbank2020Mar 23, 11:36 AM

Thank you! Discipline is huge for me.

Chris6488Mar 29, 1:56 PM

Thanks Tim, great video lesson.

Larry1982Apr 06, 12:44 AM

Great psychology lesson thanks, Tim. I'm going to focus on not overtrading, and only looking for the perfect setups. It's not about how many I win, it's about limiting how much I lose.

FreeflowMay 22, 11:26 AM

Thanks Tim, I understand, be safe and don't over trade. Stay disciplined and look for best setups.

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