@Gregg_Stevens just became a fully transparent trader today!

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MikeDavis Sep 03, 17 2:14 PM

Wow! Just looked at your trades. Very nice! I hope to do the same when I start trading. Just doing what I can to learn right now.

Gregg_Stevens Sep 03, 17 7:33 PM

Thanks @MikeDavis! Best of luck with the beginning of your journey-- my biggest learning experiences were definitely gained by taking a stake in the game. Let’s reach our trading goals together this year.

mmcdade Sep 04, 17 4:37 PM

Like @MikeDavis , I just started. Keep up the great trades! I'm looking forward to tomorrow!!

Gregg_Stevens Sep 05, 17 6:51 PM

Glad to hear it @mmcdade! Every single day the markets present a new opportunity to build bigger and better. Let's try our hardest to discover these opportunities!

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