DukegralewskiAug 15, 16 9:20 PM

Hey Tim, I've been holding a position with ETRM for about a week and a half now and despite of good news and a constant influx of buyers this stock has only been moving micro cents daily. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of why this is happening or if it's stock manipulation of some sort. Thank you!

timothysykesAug 15, 16 9:26 PM

@Dukegralewski when a play isn't working, I just get out, something wrong with my thesis so I exit and re-evaluate since I was obviously wrong in some way

GhostTradesAug 15, 16 9:35 PM

Tim you mention your long term newsletter, it seems interesting to me especially with how busy I have been lately. How long are you typically holding your longer term positions? A few weeks? Or is longer term like months/years?

RichieMAug 15, 16 9:35 PM

When I'm in the middle of doing my watchlist and your commentary on the multi day breakouts COSI and OCUL are the same exact thoughts I've written down already it's a great feeling to be on the right track! Gotta study!!

kendabnerAug 15, 16 9:40 PM

Thanks!!!! Great lesson

rmoj216Aug 15, 16 9:44 PM

Thank you for the new DVD when it comes out!

AashAug 15, 16 9:59 PM

Good call on $COSI,Thanks Tim,

jeanniebeanieAug 15, 16 10:06 PM

Thanks Tim, keep the videos coming!!

StrelokAug 15, 16 10:11 PM

Hey Tim just wondering if you had any thoughts on $NBY? I saw it Friday as a low float earnings winner and did well twice on it. Was it the low volume that made it uninteresting to you? Thanks for the video lesson, see you in the chat tomorrow!

ncrevistonAug 15, 16 10:19 PM

Hey Tim or anyone for that matter do you have a link to the earnings report for cosi? The ones I seen on Yahoo etc have them as a loss. I'm just curious because I sold my position right at market open and now wish I would have held.

0010ALogisticAug 15, 16 10:27 PM

@timothysykes congrats Tim , great call from you, the bed patterns Show up On REN, AND. Ebio and COSI Like stairs, I Have a question you told us that some stocks Fallow the market right , What Could be the cause for Those Stokes to fallow the market after Market and premarket ? I know Nasdaq Market is closed after those hours pls can you tell any answer .thank you.

SumrgirlAug 15, 16 10:27 PM

Another great video, the trader checklist is very informative for me! Still learning and paying close attention to all the Details you send daily!

ncrevistonAug 15, 16 10:28 PM

@timothysykes thank you sir greatly appreciate the reply back! Have a good day trading tomorrow

BLC777Aug 15, 16 10:38 PM

Hey Tim, bought in $COSI at. 30 hoping for a good rise in the am. I noticed you held half yours. What number are you thinking of getting out. Thanks for all yhe help. Its all new to me. But I'm.pressing in and your are a blessing brother.

jimmy58Aug 16, 16 12:51 AM

So I learned from this video that it's better to dip buy near recent support on earnings winners. Correct me if I'm wrong

DRMBLDR1Aug 16, 16 1:37 AM

Thanks for the new DVD you have coming out.

manfromozAug 16, 16 5:13 AM

I'm excited for these extra video lesson. Thanks Tim.

trugreenAug 16, 16 5:48 AM

Thanks again : )

smillie327Aug 16, 16 7:36 AM

Amazing U can be in Asia with totally upside down time zone, still make these calls so well, teach, & vacation all-at-once...thanks for your commentary!

ParadoxTraderAug 16, 16 8:34 AM

$COSI @timothysykes , just quick question. why would you dip buy a failed spiker , I get it was near support but it showed at morning it was not going to break previous highs. I was more so looking at buying on the breakout of the multi-week or even at the .30 breakout *7/11* where it initially had a big crash and it topped out at. I am just wondering how do you know when to dip and when to wait for break out?

timothysykesAug 16, 16 8:42 AM

@FlashAlex not a failed spiker, it held its gains all day on day 1, dip buying on day 2 near support is fine

MagsHossaAug 16, 16 8:58 AM

I played EBIO 3 times since June, lost each of them but I perfected cutting losses quickly and understanding risk/reward. The short video lessons are very beneficial - thank you & team!

ParadoxTraderAug 16, 16 9:12 AM

@timothysykes Thank you Tim for quick response! Great to see you respond to your listener's! Great teacher. I will be at your conference this year! Looking forward to it! Thank you for the clarification. Looking forward to live videos too!

mbsdadAug 16, 16 1:08 PM

watched and learning!

STickerSep 03, 16 6:58 AM

thanks tim!

DelinquentMillionaireOct 11, 16 7:44 PM

So interesting your teaching..I will never be able to pay you back cuz youre giving a lot..Thanks..

FlockstockFeb 05, 17 10:11 PM

Reading watch lists, live video lesson videos, increase education and lead to avoiding hot picks ... Hot picks teach nothing but getting lucky in a win... Most likely leads to a loss .. Careful when shorting earnings winners , they can keep up trending. .manage positions and recognize when to enter .. First green days are good buys as are multi months/week breakouts

LevroneJul 03, 17 4:17 PM

Thanks Tim

HaywardJul 20, 17 2:49 AM

Thanks Tim!

RockRobsterSep 18, 17 1:04 AM

Earnings winners can keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep going.

YPFFFeb 24, 18 10:14 AM

thank you

HIMMENYApr 03, 18 8:59 AM

nice thanks tim

MKanjuApr 12, 18 10:26 PM

thank you

ZiggysMomJul 06, 18 1:40 PM

Earnings winners are hard to predict when going short. The can keep going.

schokySep 15, 18 9:42 AM

don´t short earnings winners , they can have legs for multiple days

axlkNov 21, 18 7:49 AM

Thanks Tim. Buying earnings winners near support - I love it

lucneesbyDec 03, 18 5:49 PM

• Be careful shorting earnings winners • Spiking on earnings plus no volatility + no entry • Look for multi-week multi-month breakouts

CrazyWillowsFeb 12, 19 8:06 AM

Will definitely never short an earnings winner been drilled that into my head, let the market dictate earnings and play the ride, don't predict earnings on others news/views, enjoy the multi month, multi week breakout pattern.

JonathanIParraApr 05, 19 4:55 PM

Hell yeah tim , Mark explain it well with ebio and these patterns repeat itself and i'm learning.

TonyG1May 15, 19 7:41 PM

tks Tim Good lesson

LizLeleJun 20, 19 10:50 PM

Thanks Tim!

SebiSeboJul 04, 19 7:51 AM

Thank you Tim

piscott0306Jul 06, 19 2:30 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

HenryCraigMar 09, 10:16 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

bdriesJul 22, 10:29 PM

Watched. Thanks!

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