IliaDJun 22, 16 6:44 PM

hahah oh all those EMES comments and shorting at the high was all me :( i totally accept it! my fault, was a risky play and i paid for it. got a reality check. thats whats so great about these webinars! excellent lessons every time. never EVER will i do this again, i wrote it down I'm my notes to smack myself 732,000 times if i even THINK of shorting near the highs. I'm a dummy. THANKS TIM!

lexramJun 22, 16 9:27 PM

So if we don't short at the highs, should we wait for a crack that could potentially be a bounce and not a crack?

CrimsonTideTradesJun 22, 16 10:24 PM

Thanks Tim Adds another piece to the education of my trading process Makes sense I just need the repetition to recognize the set up

CrimsonTideTradesJun 22, 16 11:06 PM

Now as I am watching Spikeability ...there is $FORD and that EOD setup is being burned in my brain

NetNinjaJun 22, 16 11:44 PM

Awesome video. Thanks TIm.

MaerskJun 23, 16 1:36 AM

thanks for clarifying SPU-saw it based out but didnt see why it should go back up.....

MachinistradesJun 23, 16 12:05 PM

Great video, even just taking the extra few minutes to determine risk/reward will filter out a majority of bad trades. Funny how a small amount of due diligence can make such a large difference.

mbsdadJun 23, 16 9:32 PM

watched and learning!

STickerApr 19, 17 10:29 AM

There is logic behind each trade!

Jonk87May 14, 17 12:02 AM

nice idea dip buying low float runners that can spike next day holding gains

ritchflynnJun 19, 17 10:40 AM

Great lesson, great teacher. Thanks Tim.

LevroneJul 05, 17 5:01 AM

Thanks Tim

HaywardJul 26, 17 4:10 PM

Thanks Tim!

MachinistradesOct 04, 17 2:25 PM

Excellent video. Don't underestimate former runners, especially when they hold their lows convincingly (small cracks of a few cents don't really matter, as long as the trend holds). Good watch

HIMMENYNov 03, 17 4:26 PM

i remember the $FORD video lesson, craazy

YPFFNov 05, 17 10:55 AM

study the trader checklist in order to maximize your chances of successful trading.

MKanjuApr 28, 18 8:10 PM

thanks again

axlkSep 17, 18 4:29 AM

Thanks Tim: I'm aware now to watch out for a pattern like DELT. I think I saw that before a few times but never paid attention to it as it didn't make nhod's

lucneesbyDec 04, 18 5:05 PM

Plan out your low floaters so there's more upside to downside. Say your goal out loud. Look for triple bottom followed by short squeeze, especially on fridays. Don't just assume just because it took one low it could crack lower without multiple LODS to tell you so

CrazyWillowsFeb 17, 19 6:24 AM

BSPM first red is not only indicator fading volume is also key, morning spike with fading volume is a bear indicator, be long stocks if they don't crack their lows, one new low does not always mean the stock is going to crack but can suck in short sellers, WOW so many lessons in this video...

Timmer1103Apr 04, 19 11:10 PM

Working on getting better

TonyG1May 13, 19 1:46 PM

Rock solid video Tim!

LizLeleMay 28, 19 2:01 AM

Thanks Tim!

KStangerSep 05, 19 6:34 PM

Good lesson, Thanks Tim!

HenryCraigMar 11, 20 8:00 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

bdriesJul 22, 20 6:03 AM

Watched. Thanks!

dumbtradesDec 09, 20 9:39 PM

Thanks Tim need to look for solid risk reward and understand the overnight risk

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