DecensteveMar 05, 15 12:54 PM

wao, Tim , thx a thousand times,you are truelly generous and have the best interest for your students at heart

bankhead89Mar 05, 15 3:17 PM

I must be Leo the lion. lol thanks for the reassurance. I know I will be ok. Funny how you seemed to have gotten under the pumper's skin Great webinar and very helpful and inspiring!

svaiMar 05, 15 4:35 PM

This is so funny. Making money and making fun of the promoter. Thanks for posting. Love it, 5 stars !! I love it man, Yeaaaah !

tonyjmaxxMar 05, 15 5:20 PM

Tim Great webinar. I'm new to all this but I'm working on my 10K hours THANKS...

BigDogMar 05, 15 10:49 PM

Man, Tim.Mr.S. thank you so much for your kindness. You are the great teacher. Truly, learning a lot from you Master. Your hard work for your students is incredible.

NetNinjaMar 05, 15 11:12 PM

Thanks Tim, The amount of work you do to take care of your students, both Silver and Trading Challenge is incredible. I don't think people understand the enormity of it all. Sure you have a staff of people to keep things running but your candor and transparency makes it a no brainer to subscribe. Much success to you. P.S. I still have that autographed 100 bill ;)

WNBMar 05, 15 11:24 PM

thank you for the great advice and teachings

leonidasMar 05, 15 11:42 PM

Tim what about BBRY ?

marklarioMar 09, 15 2:26 PM

thank you for the video

ZeroOneMar 17, 15 5:45 AM

I love these webinars. Most of the time I get an answer to a question I didn't even ask yet. Hope to be in all future ones soon. @timothysykes

TradingElixirSep 02, 15 4:42 PM

This video is loooooong~ and I'm loooooooving it

Chicago777Dec 01, 15 5:50 AM

Excellent Lesson! very informative it has many good tips inside, we got to see alo't of Live price action, Level2, support and resistance levels, we saw chat-room activity, we heard Tim explain that his main purpose of All this is to Change your Life he wants to teach you how to catch your own fish based on All the experience he has gained over 15 years! this is something very valuable because most do not get to see or experience such a thing, usually you learn as you go, Tim has explained..

Chicago777Dec 01, 15 5:55 AM

-Continued- Tim has explained that from the beginning of his career he never had a mentor or a direction to go towards, he explained before in previous lessons that had he had something like we do now he would have been jumping for joy doing cartwheels and learning absorbing Everything that he could, so now that he is financially set, he wants to be for others what he never had to begin with and prove that his teachings can make you a successful trader If you actually take the Time..

Chicago777Dec 01, 15 5:59 AM

_continued_ Take the time to go thru All of the material provided. *my example here* --> they say you cannot judge a book by its cover, netiher can you judge the same book by reading 1 chapter the 7th and the last then judging. No you cant you would have to read the Whole book and then make your decision and even Then, what if you misunderstood the content?. Main thing is To be a great successful trader you need Foundations and Rules that are solid and to have those you must Begin...

Chicago777Dec 01, 15 6:03 AM

_continued_ You must begin the journey by taking your education serious and going thru All the material provided, in this business art form that are the great financial markets of the world you Begin to know what not to do when you actually go thru it and or learn from the experiences of others, thus the Value of all the Hard work and dedication that has gone into All of this and the Community/Family that is Tim and others have given you the tools what will you make out of them?

mbsdadFeb 03, 16 9:34 PM

watched and learning!!

STickerDec 18, 16 12:41 PM

That is the best Level 2 video to see how the walls are changing! You rather buy, before you die! JUHU, finished another category!!!!

HIMMENYMar 16, 17 12:12 PM


boomerang_boehmApr 04, 17 12:14 PM

Truly amazing video...Plus your trash talking is in point to that promotor lol

TimeFliesBuyJun 17, 17 7:34 PM

Damn right doggie, that's some good cake!! Right now I'm at work, I work on airplanes like the ones you fly in and I think I'm in the matrix today, I'm seeing double tops, head n shoulders, moving averages, fibonacci's, rules at every turn, profit charts, Points of resistance and support, VWAP, RSI, man I need a better broker with better software, whyt is there no gauge that measures how fast a stock is going up? like Percentperminute or %PerHour to measure velocity.

TimeFliesBuyJun 17, 17 7:37 PM

@HimmenyDiggaley As someone who's gotten a Lambo ride, do you think I stand a chance?

FlockstockJul 21, 17 12:33 AM

Stocks spike due to analyst BS reports .. Promoters also pump it .. Predict moves days or hours before they happen, promoters use. similar strategies even if the tickers change .. Short into strength on biotechs, the first red day on everything else

Samuel_ReyAug 06, 17 2:08 PM

Just laughed so hard when you are giving Oraclepicks kind words of encouragement!!!! 😭😂 Great webinar! #nodaysoff

F12BAug 19, 17 11:09 PM

Lots of great gold nuggets of info here. Acknowledged.

Conner_TaMaderOct 08, 17 8:58 AM

Awesome live trading webinar Tim! Love to see how you think getting into a trade.

thewolverineDec 02, 17 9:10 PM

this was a triple watch, excellent, ty Tim

Timmer1103Mar 08, 18 10:19 PM

Great Webinar. Lots of good pointers.

tyree7Apr 02, 18 10:13 PM


thomasfronteraJul 05, 18 2:37 PM

Lessons2621 - 2640: Great 2 hour live trade from 3/5/15, thanks Tim

piscott0306Sep 07, 18 5:38 PM

Excellent webinar Tim, and I agree with you when you said that shouldn't be cheap with our education. We have to get that cheap mentality out of our head and invest in our education.

PocketPATApr 25, 19 8:25 PM

Thanks Tim!!! Congrats PB from four years ago!!! --- 1:30:00 LOOOL "You've gotta start buying before you start dying"..... Chill, Tim LOL... BOOKMARKED!!!

MiaPlateauApr 27, 19 5:10 PM

• If promoters delete tweets then it’s a sign of imminent collapse.

axlkMay 14, 19 4:02 AM

Thanks Tim

Daniel_CAug 24, 19 5:37 PM

Great Webinar! Thanks Tim!

piscott0306Oct 02, 19 8:06 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

HenryCraigMar 15, 3:23 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

TrentUglowMar 26, 12:14 AM

Well last episode was good but this. Was amazing.

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