StreamingmoneySep 04, 15 2:42 PM

Thanks Tim for the lesson. Watched and learned. I will be much more safer now than in my previous September. September 2014 I was reckless. Did not knew much about the market last year. I know more now than before sine I signed up with you since February 2015. Trad safe.

sergiojrsanchezSep 04, 15 2:43 PM

You just clarify my questions with earnings winners, Thank you Tim

centaurSep 04, 15 3:20 PM

I love these real time explanations! Have a good weekend!

DeanomiteSep 04, 15 3:42 PM

Hey Tim, I got onboard $VRA after your alert @13.40 and got out early @13.69. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I greatly appreciate it.

FutureTomSep 05, 15 8:47 AM

totally appreciate your videos great learning. Food for thoughts 99% of your students are non transparent and yet you still mention them maybe in the future you should only mention the transparent ones...would encourage to become transparent...maybe ;)

communist_owlSep 05, 15 11:53 AM

Tim, I love this deep analytical look at earning winners. I always thought it was straight news, not public reaction.

DeanomiteSep 05, 15 1:36 PM

@tompumpanddump I was gonna get verified but I felt uncomfortable giving my brokerage account & password to I will verify when I'm close to being another one of Tim's millionaire students. :)

shockdavSep 05, 15 4:26 PM

Summary Earning Winner: We should trade based on the reaction of the people. This is always a good remainder. Watch for the number of shorts. They have to cover at some point, if the earning winners are making the stock to spike then we should watch for them to cover

DecensteveSep 07, 15 10:49 AM

you dont have to be a Hero, september is the most "dangerous" month of the safe!Cash is King.God bless :-)

DrinkmanSep 07, 15 11:36 PM

thank you Tim :)

DojiHunterSep 13, 15 10:39 AM

I hope others watch all of these a few times, so much detailed knowledge put out on every video lesson. Analyze and begin to see the market and these strategies as Tim sees them to excel. Only a mentor, preferably Tim, can put you on a fast track in my opinion, I have studied more than 5000 hrs on all areas of the market in a about a 18 months and still I notice 50 hrs of Tim's advice would be more valuable with his knowledge within this area of stocks. At least watch them twice :) study more!

Chicago777Dec 05, 15 12:51 AM

Bread and Butter patterns over and over and over again burning into your head time and time again repetitiveness, patterns and the rules, Only trade good risk reward trades based on the formula and patterns with catalyst, the odds will then be on your side, you then will be on the right path. exponential success consistently.

BearhawkApr 19, 16 10:26 AM

Great lessons. Woo lesson #3100

mbsdadOct 13, 16 11:02 PM

watched and learning!

SvaldoMay 28, 17 3:25 PM

Great lesson!

LuxDeLuxJun 06, 17 4:23 PM

Earnings winners can squeeze short sellers and spike big. There might be a delayed upside movement, however the odds are greater. One day spikes in the crow pattern stock history can turn into a nice spike when the conditions are right. Markets are evolving!

LuxDeLuxJun 06, 17 4:23 PM

Consider dip buying for a better risk / reward ratio!

nedster50Jun 13, 17 1:42 PM

Great video thanks Tim

jesselanderJul 06, 17 5:57 PM

dip buy earnings winners....

TimeFliesBuyJul 08, 17 1:28 AM

HEY, that guy is on TV misrepresenting bald people everywhere, we can bank too ya know! lol

HIMMENYAug 14, 17 7:21 AM

nice video lesson thanks Tim

Conner_TaMaderOct 23, 17 4:34 PM

Keep an eye on earnings winners even after their initial spikes. These stocks can run further than expected and longer too. Usually with bad LT charts those are a no no to play but when you have positive news it turns into a new based bounce and can spike much further with shorts getting squeezed.

SvaldoMar 25, 18 12:24 PM

Cheers Tim!

IrislaliSep 30, 18 7:02 AM

Be always ready to adapt. Thanks Tim

axlkNov 30, 18 6:59 AM

Thanks Tim. Earnings winners can change the chart around for the following days, weeks or even months

CrazyWillowsApr 22, 19 2:20 AM

Keep earnings winners on your watchlist that have recently spiked big.

TonyG1Apr 26, 19 8:52 PM

tks tim

piscott0306Aug 19, 19 11:54 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

JonathanIParraOct 22, 19 3:57 AM

vra is a nice dip buy play on a short squeeze awesome lesson tim , i love it

HenryCraigMar 14, 11:43 AM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

bdriesJul 15, 10:20 PM

Watched. Thanks!

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