DojiHunterSep 29, 15 6:21 PM

Great.. always sending out valuable knowledge/insights of your thoughts!

EbogeySep 29, 15 6:54 PM

Nice lesson time for us (me) afraid to trade! I need to take more positions to find my mojo... sweet spot.

timothysykesSep 29, 15 6:56 PM

@Ebogey yes, be afraid of the market, but recognize repeatable patterns like $FORD $LAKE $RITT and take advantage of that repetition, only the biggest morons in the world fail to see/learn this stuff over time

jieshi456Sep 29, 15 7:47 PM

Good lesson I bought RITT way too early @1.71.

ChappySep 29, 15 8:17 PM

This really made dip-buying crystal I need to grow a pair.

dmohr1Sep 29, 15 8:42 PM

buying ritt tommorw 290 shares wil hold and try to get potentional sold

DecensteveSep 29, 15 10:34 PM

Is not Rocket Science:-), dip buy Earning winners with Support,wait for earning winners with good News to drive the Stock, when a stock has fundamental Analysis,technical breakout and a history of spiking,,,BUY It!.rule no2trade ONLY VOLATILE stocks

VexlaSep 30, 15 7:47 AM

Prof Sykes, could you, please, tell me did I make a mistake? I thought that I made a great dip buy, but....I'm a rookie and I WANT TO LEARN! I bought this earnings winner on a first dip. Chart says that support is @1.58 (multi month support-ex resist, early sept, and mid August) and that was before this great earnings report. Price bounced of that 1.58 mark and after it bounced I bought it @1.63 (2800 shares) soon it went to 1.77. I probably should have locked at least some profits partially??

VexlaSep 30, 15 7:47 AM

Then RITT started fading, making lower highs and lower lows with much lower volume. After it brokedown that 1.58 supp with small volume, and continued fading so I covered half of my position @ 1.54 or something since overall market turned from green to red and RITT was in a fading mode closing bell coming (although I knew it is a earnings winner that could spike any day later). Literally 2 minutes later here comes Tim's alert BUY @1.52. Tim, what did I do wrong, please? Thanks in advance ;-)

johnnyvdSep 30, 15 8:44 AM


JayTSep 30, 15 4:18 PM

The news article is about your history from 1999, your Instagram, your students, your wedding, your vacations and 4 advices of yours on how to be successful.

aewtonSep 30, 15 7:13 PM

What charting platform are you using in this video? much cleaner than what I have.

dmohr1Sep 30, 15 7:54 PM

@timothysykes should i hang on to my 290 shares of ritt? or sell and buy 85 shares of blph? which would would i get more of a profit on and or

soundvision33Sep 30, 15 10:11 PM

My new map for trading until I get some right, 1.Cut losses quickly 2.Find a stock that has spiked in reaction to recent earnings. 3.Buy in the afternoon if it holds support. 4.Sell at or near initial highs within 1-3 days. Thanks Tim Got to keep it simple, getting overwhelmed.

snhemmingerSep 30, 15 11:23 PM

Great strategy for traders under the PDT. The steps were clearly defined and examples of when and how to execute were helpful.

ParadoxTraderOct 01, 15 7:12 AM

Watched. Liked the lesson! dip buying earning winners.

ShortSqueezeOct 05, 15 2:57 PM

Great lesson Timothy. Thank you

Chicago777Dec 05, 15 9:23 PM

This was a quick recap lesson on bread and butter patterns dip buying earnings winners. As we have learned in previous lessons the best place to buy an earnings winner is after it has reported the results price action has showed it is an earnings winner regardless of the numbers, ideally a nice spike then waiting for a dip near technical support, understand that sometimes earnings winners can run days or weeks after the initial results, thus why we must base our decision on price action.

mbsdadOct 06, 16 3:25 PM

watched and learning!

SvaldoJun 07, 17 10:55 PM

Thanks for the lesson!

HIMMENYAug 18, 17 3:59 PM

classic earnings winner lesson, thanks Tim

PlasticPaulAug 31, 17 10:46 PM

This sweet lesson gets a bookmark! Many thanks

MachinistradesSep 19, 17 10:53 AM

very good lesson on the ins and outs of dip buying earnings winners. classic

RockRobsterSep 28, 17 6:31 PM

Buy at or very close to key support levels to minimize risk. RITT now at 0.02 with 0 volume. RITT is soon to be RIP.

ZachRJan 30, 18 9:17 PM

Thanks tim another fantastic video lesson on earning winners

zarazaJul 04, 18 9:18 AM

Thank You Tim...dip buying near key support levels...only patterns matter

Zarols94Aug 20, 18 5:33 PM

Great video - with a 3 bullet point lesson for EW - Perfect !!! - Need more of these

AEXONEJan 07, 19 3:12 PM

Thank you

Learning4FFApr 10, 19 3:45 PM

watched & bookmarked, buying earning winners at support

TonyG1Apr 27, 19 10:48 PM

Love the video Tim...Great insight!

axlkMay 12, 19 8:42 AM

Thanks Tim

skatermdwSep 26, 19 11:17 PM

Thank You Tim !!!!

JonathanIParraOct 20, 19 12:30 AM

thanks for the rules on dip buying and nice dip buy on ritt

OutdoorchickNov 13, 19 7:42 PM

Dip buying for the win. Thanks Tim

HenryCraigJul 19, 3:21 AM

Knowledge supports growth.

bdriesJul 20, 12:15 AM

Watched. Thanks!

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