mavizNov 24, 8:48 PM

happy thanksgiving Tim. Family makes you or break you, that's how powerful a family can be to an individual.

FranPNov 24, 8:50 PM

Happy Thanksgiving thanks for the updates!

CovaEspa1Nov 24, 9:25 PM

Happy Thanksgiving . Good update . I’ll be on my watchlist .

TaterchipNov 24, 9:38 PM

Happy thanksgiving!! Family and becoming wealthier are my motivation!!

ThomdNov 24, 10:15 PM

Why? I’d like to have a house/farm, and the need for a passport again.

mwg63Nov 24, 10:21 PM

Knowledge Account Increased

dlhardwick101Nov 24, 10:27 PM

Thanks for the update I appreciate your giving

mwg63Nov 24, 10:29 PM

My Why: I’m 66, facing retirement & want to supplement &/or increase my income & lifestyle.

stocktrader_60877Nov 24, 10:43 PM

Thank full for my health and are military families sacrafice for us.

timothysykesNov 24, 10:51 PM

@mwg63 glad to see you have the motivation, now you gotta put in the work!

MRI_GUY_007Nov 24, 11:09 PM

Thanks Tim. As always, my why is to pay off debts and give liberally. It's the only place I wish to be a liberal

26R_COLENov 24, 11:09 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Tim. I'm doing this to give back and provide for my family and friends. Be their rock. Make them all proud. Prove the doubters and haters wrong.

macddadaNov 24, 11:11 PM

Why? Freedom and to prove to myself that I can do this. April 2023 I will have been in the Challenge for 3yrs. The best money I have spent.

MRI_GUY_007Nov 24, 11:32 PM

Thanks Tim. The second video was great! Showing us what some of your best students did is very encouraging. I'll watch the market and be safe.

ramitkoNov 25, 12:26 AM

Worked for the same co. for 15 yrs, and clear that no matter my value I'll never make "retirement money". I work 10-11 hour days, and it'll be the same in 10-20 years. I have 2 kids, bdays (4 and 2) in Dec., and the best thing I can ever be is a dad...

ramitkoNov 25, 12:26 AM

...And so I've been committed since March, and for the next 2-3 yrs, to learning, so that I can leave my job when the time is right, still provide for my family, and be there for my kids without feeling like I have to sacrifice time with them because I have to work.

TexasGrrlNov 25, 12:57 AM

Family of course is everything! Happy Thanksgiving Tim!

penpenNov 25, 6:46 AM

Happy Thanksgiving Tim! My 'why' is to be self-sufficient financially, not depending on corporate America for my livelihood + help my family. Thanks for all you do.

AnotherTraderNamedTimNov 25, 7:00 AM

Family is ABSOLUTELY the "why." Along with wanting to buy my the rest of my time back to help do great things for the world with you and your team!!!

DarbsNov 25, 7:19 AM

Happy Thanksgiving Tim, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

RobertRiggsNov 25, 7:32 AM

Don't just judge a stock by its chart. Look at multiple charts to see why it did what it did. My Why: Financial freedom, more time with the family and to setup up for retirement. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

sabinay1971Nov 25, 8:15 AM

Thanks Tim. Such a great learning video.

ninjamealoafNov 25, 10:23 AM

it started out because i was stuck getting factory work which was destroying my body pretty bad but now its more for my family i want to be able to trade from anywhere so i can be there for my grandma who is mid 80 and my aunt who has MS they live in wisconsin and my cousin who works really had and gets so little she is in Kentucky

mitnick2Nov 25, 10:52 AM

Interesting about the tape painting. Thank you Tim - another great video lesson recap. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family

corey_frazierNov 25, 11:18 AM

Family and freedom from working 2 jobs and 90 hour weeks like I have for the last 3 years. Having my 3rd child in april and want to create income that will allow me to be around more often. Happy Thanksgiving!

HIMMENYNov 25, 1:37 PM

Thanks tim, my why is to prove to myself i can do it, and to help my family live a more comfortable life, keeping things in perspective is important, great video thanks

oswaldNov 25, 2:48 PM

Hope you and your family have a great holiday as well!!!! As to the why, so many sad stories I don't know where to start, it is time to change that for my family , people I don't know, and myself. Money isn't the total answer but I 100% believe it will put the odds on my side..

oswaldNov 25, 3:22 PM

Thank you Tim for the video lesson, so thankful I am able to be part of your Challenge!

cfetsisNov 25, 5:53 PM

Happy thanksgiving Tim! And thank you for the lessons!

JHON25Nov 25, 6:14 PM

Hope you and your family have a great holiday as well and thank you so much for all the great lesson.

User_1610Nov 25, 9:45 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

DDTNov 26, 8:12 AM

Thank you Tim.

sandrapanditcookNov 26, 6:10 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Very thankful for you and Joel.

poniboy1Nov 26, 8:15 PM

Good video thanks Tim.

trader_64394Nov 26, 10:23 PM

Want to give back and a new car

Denyse22Nov 27, 4:27 AM

Thankful to be here. I’m doing this to be able to help family , friends and others. I want to help the houseless, the homeless , those who are not well educated. To help empower people to be the best them or help them get educated . I want to start a foundation to help people who need help paying for cancer treatment . This is my “Why”

StefanSchwarz13Nov 27, 2:59 PM

Thanks Tim for all you do! Family is one of the main reasons work as hard as I do. That and giving back and being able to donate to charities.

mylifestartsNov 27, 3:15 PM

Happy Thanksgiving Tim and your team. My why is -- I want to live and lead in a prosperous environment that encourages efficiency and enjoyment.

student_57821Nov 27, 9:02 PM

Thank you very much, Mr Sykes. Many Happy returns of the Day.

MAOTRADESNov 27, 11:59 PM

Thank you Tim!! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving day!

Chris6488Nov 28, 1:01 PM

Do it for family, thanks for the motivation Tim.

LeeHuntNov 29, 12:01 PM

Thanks Tim!Thankful for you!

ManursvrNov 30, 10:34 AM

Financial freedom, take care of the family

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