MunditimumOct 30, 12 3:56 PM

Awesome intro to Suretrader and some opportunities.

McBainJul 13, 14 10:55 PM

Moral of the story is to watch every fucking video lesson even if it seems redundant because this shit can change your life!

AashMar 03, 16 8:19 AM

good video, thanks Tim,

CoffeeJan 21, 17 8:21 PM

*FYI newbies* Suretrader is no longer Tim's preferred broker. Sykes now prefers E*trade and Interactive Brokers as of 2017. Also great lesson on the Billionaire Play! Thanks Tim.

FlockstockJan 31, 17 9:18 PM

Don't short a low price stock if there are no shares to short and it looks like t can keep going .. Billionaire plays are special patterns and news plays that can really affect a stock positively .. When news dies, so does the stock uptrend .. Morning consolidations not going red on the day =bounce... Green to red taking out day low, afternoon time frame=short ... Real companies are choppy stocks .. Shorting aggressively into spikes is better for choppy stocks

IrvingApr 28, 17 3:52 PM

If a stock gaps then drops and consolidates at previous day close and fails to go red be ready for possible bounce. So bounces work sort of like pullbacks? They confirm strength in cracks if they fail to break back past previous support. Like when a pullback holds above the resistance it just broke during a breakout.

Conner_TaMaderMay 13, 17 7:51 PM

RAM is a billionaire play that is up from $1.20 to $3.20. It is having its first red day today but Tim is still not convinced of shorting because this isn't like a blatant pump. This is a real company that is choppy and can still bounce if it finds support. There is clear multi day support where it was forming an ascending triangle at $2.95 so there could be support.

krs1May 19, 17 12:09 AM

Thanks Tim!

AngelTradesMay 29, 17 5:20 PM

Short the break of the LOD. Nice 1400 dollar gain.

alan316Jul 15, 17 5:12 PM

Chicago 777 Challenge, thanks great lesson.

tyree7Aug 13, 17 9:31 PM

Swell Lesson Tim Keep Them Coming

mbsdadAug 17, 18 10:48 AM

watched and learning.

axlkJun 05, 19 1:54 AM

Thanks Tim

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