0010ALogisticOct 02, 15 4:38 PM

THE MOST CONFUSING, how bad RITT came down? But Is very trustful seeing you many times instead one time. Lesson learned.lol

bank_a_tronicOct 02, 15 4:40 PM

That's right, Tim! :)) NO ONE ELSE is featured on Larry King for their trading & teaching! Where else can we bank peacefully & legally so fast, by studying and making diligent, solid, well though out, LOW RISK trades?? We are supremely grateful for you teaching us, Maestro. Cant wait to tune into the Summit. Unfortunately, I can't be there in person, but remain: dedicated & psyched about learning/banking here at profitly! ;))

timothysykesOct 02, 15 4:40 PM

@010AWiseMan no $RITT came down 10-15 cents/share off its highs initially, because shorts piled in and called it a pump...it NEVER even got down to my entry price again and is now up 35 cents/share from my buy alert

amonsantoOct 02, 15 4:47 PM

You alerts are great. Just placed my first trade BSET! Thank you Tim!

BigDogOct 02, 15 5:01 PM

Pumped up too, your doubters shall say "you know what, He is f@#$%& right" Thank you Master Tim for teaching, sharing, showing..., all!!!! Yeah, see you in Vegas!!!!

rshah1226Oct 02, 15 5:41 PM

I will be seeing you in Vegas!!!!!! I'm already at the Rio looking forward to tomorrow!!!

StreamingmoneyOct 02, 15 5:57 PM

Wish I was there in Vegas. Would have been awesome to meet you in person Tim. Next for sure I will go just have to make more money and be a better trader from your teachings.

ZechsOct 02, 15 6:37 PM

Thanks TIM for not being like 99% of Wall Street content to compound their million dollar accounts and instead striving to share your knowledge and methods with small account traders who want to change their lives through trading and get out of 9-5-rat-hole-customer-service-manual-labor-take-your-pick-tiring-unrewarding-ass-jobs!

quantumOct 02, 15 6:49 PM

awesome video as always.

jwhitney41Oct 02, 15 7:00 PM

Hi Tim, Thanks for the commentary and video lessons... I cannot speak for the other students, But I really do appreciate how hard you work. I am finally getting it on trading. Still have a lot to learn and thank you for being there.

americandreamtradesOct 02, 15 7:33 PM

You are the man @timothysykes ! I thank God for your life and pray that he keeps on blessing you so much for trying to do the most honorable think a man can do, to help another man. and yes fuck a hater

svaiOct 02, 15 8:13 PM

Yeah, the Tim we love. Passionate, the knife between the teeth : ) Thanks for the lesson, always fun, entertaining and full of life ! Have a good time in Vegas ! ...and remember, what happens in Vegas... should end up in new video lessons in our mailboxes 📈 !! All the best !

DojiHunterOct 02, 15 9:42 PM

AWESOME, most appreciated @timothysykes for so much rationale over the last few weeks, stay pumped, we love it! You will have breakout millionaires over some time I think.. Rules, Strategy, Discipline, and Execution. OCTOBER will be great

RodolfoOct 02, 15 11:08 PM

F*#@*ing LEGEND! Looking forward to meet you this weekend!

missoula5454Oct 03, 15 1:24 AM

Thanks for Having our backs Tim. I hope you know we have yours to brotha.

Gwobal_WappleOct 03, 15 4:33 AM

Tim Sykes! So much passion and determination! Just THANK YOU. For every vocal doubter and hater there's got to be 100+ loyal, loving fans that quietly seek to absorb your teachings.

svobodaOct 03, 15 9:06 AM

Awesome energy Tim! Great vide lesson, i totally get ya! F***ck non transparent traders and f*ck the twitter "gains"... You are doing an amazing job here and i really appreciate it. Keep on the great work!

punchoutpilotsOct 03, 15 10:53 AM

You're still my favorite jew, no matter what the haters say.

wutang05Oct 03, 15 1:43 PM

Your the man Tim..! Have fun in Vegas everyone..!

DecensteveOct 03, 15 8:29 PM

Dip buy,, right Mindset, Right Brokers, Sniper trading mentality, and you are following the Footprints of $$$$$$$$$$$$

tembotanu5Oct 04, 15 4:02 PM

love the clarification, the emphasis........ and such a linguist!

jakito100Oct 04, 15 4:25 PM

You tell'em Tim! F??king idiots.

Mayflower7182Oct 04, 15 4:39 PM

Love your passion Tim! You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to help us understand and learn.

fadzsterMOct 05, 15 12:09 AM

nice video !!! im pumped too !!!

SUELITILSONOct 05, 15 3:03 PM

I got into your class because I have a big trust on you. I like the way you are so honest. Good job!!!

DrinkmanOct 06, 15 11:46 AM

don't mess with my Teacher Haters, Ill kick ur Ar$$, tks Tim great video lesson :)

Chicago777Dec 05, 15 10:17 PM

Very passionate! here we see that these earnings winners patterns Work time and time again regardless of who might be in the trade or what other misinformed individuals who do not take their education seriously may think, the moves turn out, here we also see a nice morning dip buy on earnings winner pattern and good over all room profits!. Also here we see that this week Superman's student Triforce Trader crosses the 1 million dollar mark in consistent Profits! Congratulations!(cash)(party)(sun)

mbsdadOct 05, 16 10:12 PM

watched and learning!

HIMMENYAug 19, 17 1:00 PM

nice Tim, i hate hearing the term "sykes pump" they really think ur a pumper huh? haha i mean sometimes a 5cent spike is bc of ur sheep but theres no way these earnings winners can run 50% or more over a few days based on ur alert.. this whole game is full of ignorant people thanks for the video

RockRobsterSep 28, 17 7:45 PM

Too much of this video was wasted hating on the haters. I don't care about them. I just want to learn about trading stocks!

dmatinNov 06, 17 9:25 PM

Poor Miley.

ZachRJan 30, 18 8:43 PM

Thanks Tim for everything you do for othetrs

Sierra3Feb 16, 19 9:36 AM

Love the passion in this video. If you doubt Tim's passion for teaching, must watch. Real, authentic and no bullshit

TonyG1Apr 28, 19 9:42 PM

tks Great Lesson!

axlkMay 04, 19 10:20 AM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Aug 18, 19 12:50 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

skatermdwSep 27, 19 12:44 AM

Thank You Tim !!!!

JonathanIParraOct 19, 19 8:34 PM

beautiful video thanks tim and fuk the haters and ritt wasa nice earnings breakout and pacb was a nice short squeeze. mis information in this niche is crazy

HenryCraigMar 14, 20 10:58 AM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

KarenBoughanMay 05, 20 4:44 AM

Wow. You're so fierce! Way to kick ass!

bdriesJul 20, 20 12:31 AM

Watched. Thanks!

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