KhmaiFloDec 04, 15 2:03 PM

Thanks for the video and for the teaching Tim ! You're the man !!! Today for me, $LIVE : in 1,91 - out 2,27 !! Thanks to the videos aboutearning winners !

TheTinMonsterDec 04, 15 2:20 PM

Thanks tim. Very useful and helped answer some questions i had.

jamie_96Dec 04, 15 2:24 PM

Thanks Tim.Great insight

teentraderDec 04, 15 2:27 PM

I'm banking in knowledge man!.. Thank you!

DKingstonDec 04, 15 2:29 PM

Awesome lesson! I really like how you broke down the three possible trades in $LIVE today.

danielgchap7Dec 04, 15 2:47 PM

I'm only a noob who is still paper trading but today was a great today for me learning and making paper profits! Thank you sir!

ClaudioBuzzDec 04, 15 2:49 PM

Awesome lessons. Thank you teacher!

DrinkmanDec 04, 15 2:57 PM

love Friday lessons :) thank you Tim for another excellent video recap :)

gilbertgrandDec 04, 15 3:34 PM

Thank you, my fav teacher (and not the teachers of my college).

xMadMikeDec 04, 15 4:14 PM

Just when I was wondering how you chose the dip for $LIVE, you explained it in detail here. Thank you, Tim.

dmohr1Dec 04, 15 4:31 PM

Wow michael good lost 40,000 on kbio short

FLYDADY1Dec 04, 15 4:31 PM

It does work when you CUT losses Quick & Follow the Rules even if paper trading.

trugreenDec 04, 15 5:20 PM

Thank you. Enjoy the weekend.

just4scDec 04, 15 6:56 PM

Great lesson!!! Lesson two to four are the most important! Have to drill that into my head! Thanks Tim!

smillie327Dec 04, 15 7:44 PM

Thanks Tim...the hardest for me is taking a loss quickly on a supernova like ATV where there is no support history going back 2 years and i can't help thinking it will turn back up BUT it just doesn' get out when it stops going your way period, end story..i get it now.

DecensteveDec 04, 15 8:31 PM

Respect every single run,. Cut losses quickly,. respect the power of the market.Don't ever feel influenced to trade a stock just because the whole Chat room is talking about it!!

maroon8Dec 04, 15 9:08 PM

Great lessons! Although I did not traded LIVE today, I noted your buy and sell points and learned a lot.

TradingElixirDec 04, 15 9:23 PM

Best 5 lessons Friday ever! Thank you, Tim! Great to have you and your teaching! Much love

jlm2053Dec 04, 15 9:53 PM

Great Video and Lessons Tim! Thanks again for your time and effort in trying to help us. I just opened my small ($2500) account on Nov. 24 and made my first trade on the 25th. I've only made 5 (scared) trades so far, but profited on all, with today's being the best with THST/short for $120.profit.(more than a day's pay for me) Will post MON. Thanks again for all your hard work, by following your rules and strategies, I'm growing my account, even it it's only baby steps for now.

AashDec 04, 15 10:23 PM

Thanks Tim,

arminDec 04, 15 11:44 PM

love ittttttt more more more. i look forward to friday

JaymoneyDec 05, 15 12:33 AM

Great knowledge once again! This knowledge is worth way more then what you give it to us for. I am definitely grateful! Thanks!!

TradinginHeelsDec 05, 15 1:48 AM

These 5 lesson Fridays are the best! I have to admit I was one of those students that had to learn the hard way how to cut losses quickly. I've been paper trading for the last 6-7mos & I've finally learned RULE #1! Now I have a new problem - get out of trades too quickly b/c I trade scared. A GREAT problem to have and when I do start living trading again, I won't be upset if I leave lots of money on the table.

TradinginHeelsDec 05, 15 1:56 AM

Oh, I forgot to mention, I actually paper traded $LIVE today. I got in at 1.74 and out 2.09 with 1000 shares. Made $350. Just like you said, it went up to 2.70ish. I left lots on the table lol

ZanshinTrader08Dec 05, 15 2:04 AM

Thank you for another 5 lesson Friday! Slowly learning to be patient and wait for the right pattern to come.. Appreciate it as always

traderzjourneyDec 05, 15 8:09 AM

Thanks for the lesson Tim! 5 lesson Friday videos are awesome. I always watch them a couple of times, and started a 5 lesson Friday notebook. The recap of your trades along with the 5 points is very helpful!

Arturas414Dec 05, 15 2:44 PM


FollowtheMoneyDec 05, 15 4:26 PM

@smillie327 Yes, that was me too with $ATV made $3K going up, bought in and out on the dips, locked in my profits. But then I held it overnight and didn't cut my losses in the morning when it opened $3 lower. Kept hoping it would go back up, ended up losing everything I had made the night before. Arghh. Cut your losses quickly, I know better! Did better with $LIVE on Friday though, thanks for your videos Tim.

jgregoriDec 05, 15 5:23 PM

Great Tim thanks , great wiken👊🏽😎

StefanoUPDec 05, 15 6:33 PM

Love it ! Thanks Tim !

Walshy7650Dec 06, 15 6:21 AM

tim when you say cut losses fast is it easier to just set your play up with the 5% downside on your stop loss order or do you market order and just adjust to price action

BigDogDec 06, 15 12:44 PM

Great lessons, Thank you Tim Teach!!!!

come77077Dec 06, 15 4:13 PM

Great info.... thanks!!

jessabernathyDec 06, 15 9:56 PM

Love the Five Lesson Friday videos so much! Keeps us focused and on the right track...thanks!

larrydomDec 06, 15 11:01 PM

PERFECT to watch on a Sunday night before another day of trading. #3 don't be greedy. It's ok to have small profits if they fall in line with a plan. Good stuff Sykes.

TsantsaTraderDec 07, 15 12:00 AM

Thank you so much, Tim! Love the 5 lesson Friday!

Chicago777Dec 07, 15 11:37 AM

5 Lesson Friday! 1. understand that a trade is not judged by its outcome meaning if you make profit or not, it is instead judged by how well you followed the indicators and rules regardless of the outcome 2. trading can bring quick profits but you must also be disciplined with the power 3. do not get greedy remember you aim for the predictable meat of the move the consistent profits not perfection 4. If you want to stay alive in the market you must understand cutting losses quickly 5.Study!!

rorrilljrDec 08, 15 10:55 PM

Love the 5 lesson Friday, I have learned so much from your videos, Cut losses quickly is so stuck in my Brain..

mbsdadDec 13, 15 1:57 AM

watched and learning!!

BearhawkApr 20, 16 1:52 PM

Great comments on how to grow your account. I bookmarked this to refer to over and over again. Thank you so much @timothysykes !!!

urboMay 04, 17 5:17 PM

dont short when a stock is down 50% it can spike

STickerJul 11, 17 4:49 AM

5 lesson Friday! Study, study, study!

HaywardSep 02, 17 6:45 AM

Thanks Tim!

HIMMENYSep 04, 17 8:51 AM

very useful lessons in here, thanks for another 5 lesson friday

RockRobsterOct 29, 17 12:56 AM

"looks to be solid base at fish"

Conner_TaMaderNov 02, 17 1:23 PM

Thank you for another good video Tim. Like the lessons and steering us towards quality trades that focus on the patterns. When I trade I almost like to avoid chat because it sometimes distracts me from good trades while looking at other ones.

JamminJay2020Nov 08, 17 3:36 PM

I love 5 lesson Friday. You should bring it back Tim! ;)

cheftradesDec 09, 17 10:15 AM

this is one of my favorite video lessons

ZachRDec 11, 17 12:59 AM

Thinks Tim. don't ignore rule #1 its your power don't lose your power.

ZachRJan 27, 18 6:49 PM

Thanks Tim

IrislaliSep 28, 18 6:09 AM

Thanks Tim for the lesson

axlkOct 26, 18 2:35 PM

Thanks Tim

sandy98Jan 22, 5:29 AM

too much rant

Timmer1103Apr 02, 10:28 PM

No matter how confident I am in a stock. I will respect rule #1.

TonyG1May 04, 10:51 AM

5 Lesson Fridays are awesome. Bring em back Tim!

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