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Thanks Tim, your vids get better and better each few hundred!

doctorgssOct 30, 15 3:36 PM

Great lesson, Cant express enough the importance of not shorting earning winners, atleast until you are absolutely certain of the approximate ceiling, even then still VERY risky.

rainmaker94Oct 30, 15 3:40 PM

Great video! keep em coming

aarucleOct 30, 15 3:41 PM

Great Lessons for the week. Noticed the repetition of your lessons on the DVD's and webinars. They are finally sinking in and am slowly understanding your trading system and style. Took a while to dump all of the bad habits from people who claimed they knew what they were doing regarding trading and not transparent. Thanks Tim!

TheVManHoangOct 30, 15 3:45 PM

Another great lesson. Keep these 5 Lesson Friday videos coming.

KyleBHardyOct 30, 15 3:46 PM

Brilliant video. Thanks Tim! Enjoy your weekend.

GKOPENAOct 30, 15 3:46 PM

The 5 lessons at the end of the week is a great idea to finish off and look back to see which rules you didn't follow. Also it is nice to see that I did start to stick to rules in here and my profits started coming in.

pennypicks_ikOct 30, 15 4:09 PM

Great lesson. Where should we look for these rumors of expose's that you keep mentioning in many lessons.

longtraderOct 30, 15 4:37 PM

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chattwoOct 30, 15 6:50 PM

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smillie327Oct 30, 15 8:04 PM

Terrific reinforcement of what quality setups are versus speculative trades from the current week so we can see if we are "on the right track" in our assessments and's such a relief to know you can mess up a trade too...I do all the time and it is discouraging :) Thank you Tim!

bank_a_tronicOct 30, 15 8:07 PM

Hey, I can't give this video 10 stars :(( LOL Yes, these 5 lesson Fridays def help. How you switched between charts for #4 helped a great deal-they seem to click easier & are more able to be organized in our minds this way as well. You're the best, Tim. You are ;)

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conciouswarriorOct 30, 15 9:23 PM

Tough week...even though I had both RYAM and FLDM on my pre-market watch, I f'd and didn't pull the trigger. Instead I focused on crap. Thanks for the great lessons, they let me know I'm on the right track.

sno221Oct 30, 15 10:43 PM

Great video Tim like a fool I bought in at 3.74ish got scared because at that point the stock was very volatile and I was gaining and loosing money and got spooked and pulled out. Wish I would have held on for the ride. I'll keep studying.

DKingstonOct 30, 15 11:50 PM

Awesome lessons going into earnings season!!!! Thank you time for being our mentor! You rock!

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Tim, I love these and learn SOOO much more from these 5 Lesson Fridays than I ever did from watching your DVDs because I can directly relate to the current stocks that I watched LIVE MYSELF THIS WEEK! The DVDs talk about past stocks that I feel I can't relate to because I haven't seen those stocks live and makes me believe it's from a different time, different overall stock market "trend" and not NOW. This is NOW! I love it! So, soooo helpful! Thanks for the awesome lessons.

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don't short earnings winners! makes sense..... but still so tempting to do so. Gotta learn to respect the market

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dashingNov 01, 15 7:59 AM

Thanks Tim "FLF" is awesome please keep this going!

kaush88Nov 01, 15 8:33 AM

@timothysykes i feel so stupid, i made the dumbest mistake i shorted VSCP at 4.03 and then i got out of it immediately as i didn't know it was an earning play and then i read the news,checked the float and i should've got back in. I am disappointed with myself i need to get more disciplined. after it started to move i didn't want to get in as i didn't want to chase. I love the 5 lesson Friday its very helpful and informative, gonna be more focused from today i have been slacking time to change

brechtdwNov 01, 15 11:05 AM

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Hey, Tim--I am unbelievably stretched, and time for trade study is very hard to "squeeze" in. I love 5-lesson fridays. the recap of trades I may have forgotten about, the combination of big picture reminder and detail--a very efficient tool.

saclcswNov 01, 15 11:44 PM

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drsandraNov 01, 15 11:55 PM

Watched it. Thanks for the tips. If success depends on using the chatroom, then I will have lots of trouble. I have too much lag and it causes major problems.

goodgirlNov 02, 15 12:00 AM

@drsandra hi. I am on mobile during trading hours. Very tough to be in/stay in chat. I find that if I can check in periodically and get the gist of the better alerts, that can be very fruitful.

Fabio85Nov 02, 15 7:39 PM

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Chicago777Dec 06, 15 9:19 PM

This was another of the 5 lesson Friday's Very educational! yes they do make good lessons it also is an overview of what has happened thru out the week! like a recap very nice! imo. In this lesson we see 1. focus on buying earnings winners the best consistent pattern thus far lately 2. be protective of your account do not try to step in-front of a train and or catch falling knifes 3. understand that an uptrend is a powerful indicator that gives your dip buys a good r/r ratio 4. Also understand

Chicago777Dec 06, 15 9:27 PM

continued- understand that a catalyst like a negative article does Not necessarily mean that it will sell off or get crushed specially if it is near technical support, always adapt to changing price action and do not form a bias 5. avoid trading commodity tickers too many factors out of your control that come into play it is more complicated than just patterns and if you don't understand the changing factors you really have no edge there.Stick to volatile stocks as we learn in lessons.

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CrazyWillowsMar 15, 19 5:06 PM

Focus on the reaction to earnings not anticipation, let them get up minimum around 20%, dip buy stocks that are uptrending, remember stocks can price news in so the stock could not spike on good news, avoid commodity plays (I make it a rule), ALWAYS focus on volatile stocks and NEVER short earnings winners! You have to follow the rules, watch the DVD's... Great video Tim, these 5 lesson Fridays are really awesome.

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