Yeong32Jun 10, 17 3:52 AM

just fished watching Trader Checklist.

luchohdzAug 13, 17 9:35 PM

It's official... my brain is officially mush. I've watched these videos at least once. In some case twice or even three times because I felt some lessons warranted a little more attention than others. I'll tell you though, I'm definitely more confident in my future trades now than ever before.

TimeFliesBuyAug 26, 17 9:44 PM

Part 1: Intro - guide to choose the best trades, disclaimer (Legal Jargon). Who am I? (Tims' background & work ethic) Mentions - Grittani, Steve Harvey Show, Larry King, Obama Award. Verified Track Record (It takes time). What makes a successful trader? (Preparation, Discipline, follow rules, ODDS, Patience for the best plays, stay cash when no great plays) *Stay away from Red Bull and Cocaine (lol). Small profits add up (singles) No one trade will make you rich but 1 trade can blow you up!

TimeFliesBuyAug 27, 17 5:35 PM

Part 1 (continued); Trade Scared (so you're not scared to trade), take meat of the move (don't complain for not getting it all but be thankful for what you got), use stockstotrade it's designed for this strategy, Brokers for 2016 (etrade and interactive brokers), react to the time tested catalysts & patterns, adapt to market (bearish vs. bullish), EKSO trade on boat during filming, always review indicators, make no "gut" trades, & No "Tips", always review this checklist to keep things on point.

calebwhite753Aug 29, 17 3:23 PM

I have watched Trader checklist twice and I will be coming back to watch it for a third time after im done watching all the video lessons. Thank you Tim for keeping this amazing guide free! more people should watch this guide it truly helped me see the indicators.

AndrewComSep 06, 17 9:00 AM

Amazing guide, everyone should watch it! Thank you Tim!

KKiritoSep 23, 17 6:46 AM

This really is a fantastic guide, I'm shocked it hasn't got more views. Tim stressed about this DVD enough lol. But really there's some amazing content. The PREPARED rating system is genius. In addition, I love the live examples of the plan in play, It really allows you to grasp the context of how to rate stocks. Furthermore, the watchlist was very helpful along with the analysis of the plays. This whole DVD explains pretty much everything you need to become a successful trader.

KKiritoSep 23, 17 6:53 AM

That was just a little summary of the context, but there was something in there for everybody. It truly was a learning journey from start to finish no matter your experience, long or short this guide/DVD was jam packed, full of information. (p.s Mark Croocks webinar and Greggs (Lx21) Conference was full of details what made really good notes.) Just watch this guide ASAP you won't regret it...

ThinAirOct 09, 17 7:26 AM

Just finished watching up to part 13 included. #12 webinar & #13 presentation made are highly inspiring, determining clear cut demarcation point of what does it takes being professional trader. Well done!!!

F12BOct 15, 17 9:33 PM

Ok, this is my second time watching this, and a lot of things are easier to understand and very clear now compared to when I watched it the first time just before I had a subscription service. LX21 hands down has one of the most memorable presentations, and Mark Crook's webinar is really important for those needing help with building a proper watch list. You cannot be lost when you combine LX21's trading process, Mark's pre flight check list with Sykes SSS. Definitely a very important DVD.

MachinistradesOct 23, 17 12:19 AM

Nice watch. lx21's presentation is always worth the time, regardless of how experienced/successful you are. I always learn something new each time!

PlasticPaulOct 28, 17 7:02 PM

DVD 14, minutes 18-19-20: probably one of the most important messages in the entire guide

Rjoshua2Jan 08, 18 5:00 AM

I just finished trader checklist. Wonderful teaching video and guide once again. Thank you Tim for so much education!

TATwinzJan 17, 18 5:47 PM

wow its amazing guide! thanks Tim,

mikemitch3Jan 19, 18 1:01 PM

Learn SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much from this guide. Can't wait to jump into Spikeability and How to Make Millions.

NatesTradesJan 26, 18 9:59 PM

Great first run-through. Good correlations to trades I've made just starting out and also to the attitude and actions of a successful trader. Looking forward to the next time I make time to review this. A must watch for any beginner.

ZachRMar 14, 18 10:21 PM

Success will come if you P.R.E.P.A.R.E. Thanks Tim for Leading the way!

SlayerMar 27, 18 10:55 PM

Thanx again.

DalMar 29, 18 12:24 PM

Just watched all of this a 2nd time after live trading. Its amazing still how much i was able to learn and retain! Thank you Tim

canudropit2Mar 30, 18 12:23 AM

This helps immensely! Thanks Tim!

HenryCraigApr 05, 18 7:00 AM

Knowledge facilitates growth.

HagenJun 05, 18 12:43 PM

Very good thanks

smyth10Jun 16, 18 3:01 PM

Great DVD thanks for all of the great information

ntirado6650Jul 07, 18 12:46 PM

abstorbing all this vital information for success is the key... the more you view the videos the more information you get that was not apparent in the first viewing.

lizAug 05, 18 11:16 PM

very informative, thanks!

sohaelaliSep 01, 18 12:53 PM

I watched it all already! It’s a very good guide indeed!

b2rad013Nov 13, 18 1:28 PM

Watching this for the second time Parts 1 and 2 completed 11-13-18

dimemixJan 13, 11:03 AM

waiting for the second edition after watching 3 times!

AdrienJan 17, 3:09 PM

Just discovering. Not yet finished. I agrre with all comments here above. Indeed very very interresting!

jhusakJan 24, 3:09 PM

Have watched the first 4 and already feel that I need to re-watch them all again (especially Video 3). Kudos to Tim spending hours to teach, explain and guide. Mapping first experiences in trading with the training and spotting already, what I need to change in my behavior. Good stuff!

marcelboatJan 30, 6:51 PM

can you please make it so we can watch these videos at 1.25x speed? I have limited time and you talk fairly slow (no offense).

Rowdy1Jan 31, 5:31 PM

Trader Checklist="Sorry this video does not exist"

rubbersidedownJan 31, 6:07 PM

I was about 5 minutes into video 14 when froze and now says "Sorry this video does not exist" - but regardless, thank you for this overview. As a new student the amount of material is a bit overwhelming (especially on top of another career/family etc.) and this was very helpful!!

rubbersidedownFeb 04, 12:33 AM

So happy it's back. Completed with detailed notes. I'm sure I'll be back again.

SweetRobberyFeb 06, 1:23 PM

test, test, test - refine, refine, refine in the pursuit of success #spittinbars

MlacrossFeb 08, 3:10 PM

Done with the first time watching this. Will watch again. And probably again. Great info in here. Thank you for making these.

SweetRobberyFeb 18, 5:22 AM

The last 10 minutes of part 13 are the brutal truth about being profitable

SpeedyPFeb 22, 11:44 PM

Take 1 complete

PocketPATFeb 24, 2:15 PM

Thanks Tim!!! Watched this twice now!

urmumsahoMar 10, 7:22 AM

The whole content is so useful the only thing that annoyed me was in part 12 Mark Crook pauses while talking ..over all great guide 10/10

Rokit1manMar 16, 9:16 AM

Thanks Tim for these videos. I will continue to go back to these videos for a tune up once in awhile. As humans we can get complacent & a reality check can happen. So checking in sometimes to our roots of learning will keep us on track in our marathon.

axlkApr 07, 9:59 AM

Thanks Tim. I already watched the trader checklist on youtube right after my start in June. Just awesome. Thanks for putting in so much effort and dedication teaching and mentoring us

ScubaratApr 11, 5:53 AM

What a great series! Only about a month into my journey and these videos really helped clarify the lessons I’ve read so far. On to the next set of videos!!!! Thanks for all your dedication to teaching, Tim.

T7105phApr 23, 9:37 PM

Only a few days in and I am a sponge absorbing, this wealth of Experience from you Tim! Gained $560 today from your watch list “Riot”

hennipenApr 27, 9:46 AM

3rd time watching., hopefully absorbing..loving the process!! thanks! #nodaysoff

hennipenApr 27, 9:46 AM

3rd time watching., hopefully absorbing..loving the process!! thanks! #nodaysoff

KStangerMay 01, 12:10 AM

Thanks a million!

KPillayMay 02, 1:38 PM

why timeline should once use for technical analysis on the checklist 3 where the different charts and patterns are discussed

KPillayMay 02, 1:39 PM

why timeline should once use for technical analysis on the checklist 3 where the different charts and patterns are discussed

_Stitch_May 26, 9:40 AM

I'm done. That took me too long. Thank you Tim, Mark and Gregg for the fantastic lessons.

redwagonriderJun 10, 8:16 PM

Thank you Tim! I will keep studying, I will keep focusing on my discipline, and what I can do every day to be a better prepared.

carlos_exJun 21, 11:10 PM

Great stuff. Thank you for this.

RMattnerJun 25, 1:26 PM

Tim I get your Message!!! I Just signed up Today Monday June 24, 2019 with Chris K for your Millionaire Mentor Program. Could not Sleep , got up to finish your Chanukah Gift #4 a Very reliable Dip Buying Pattern Dec 27, 2016, GOT IT, Study the Past, Review: PREPARE , Trader Checklist; Keep up the great Teaching Stay Well, and God Bless.

TradingMamaJul 15, 12:30 AM

Thank you for all your efforts to make us into successful, self-sufficent traders!!!

ZanderOdomJul 23, 10:01 AM

Just finished the whole thing on my trial, sad that my trial is ending but glad I learned as much as I could from the videos.

Bcal2k19Aug 20, 8:42 PM

@timothysykes Thank You Strong Wise Words From A Great Mentor And I Feel This Is Deeper Than Just Trading Its seems like Its Teaching Life As Well

AnigaiSep 05, 7:01 AM

For EVOK's 2 day uptrend in part 11 before the financing would having a throwaway e-mail subscribed to pumper newsletters been a good way to add an extra layer of information?

GiorgioMarinoSep 11, 8:56 AM

Great guide! Finally managed to finish it. Thanks a lot! Great stuff in here...

RMattnerSep 11, 11:10 AM

Read it; Re-read it ; took notes; read my notes; So much knowledge..... good re-read before the September 2019 trader / investor Conference

AnigaiSep 13, 5:25 AM

"React, don't predict." Is a takeaway from todays studytime I reckon.

Rebel_ScumOct 01, 4:58 PM

Solid information. This is a series I'd watch over and over. Thank you.

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