rtanderson23Sep 07, 20 8:55 PM

I react positively and am glad I am on the right track when I make execution mistakes, I just try to get better. /I recognize that pennystocks are corrupt.

HoldmytexanSep 07, 20 9:21 PM

Thank you for all of the lessons teaching us how to play the pump-n-dump game boss!

skatermdwSep 07, 20 9:28 PM

Thank You Tim !!!! I found consistency and it is working for now, I am moving on to a new strategy!!!! I do not trade without a plan!!!!

TonyG1Sep 07, 20 9:29 PM

Thanks Tim...Good lesson about the ps truth!

Badgerjoe04Sep 07, 20 9:30 PM

Thx Tim! the inspiration vids over the weekend are awesome. Long weekends studying can be an emotional roller coaster at times. lol. Thx budy

kcloganSep 07, 20 9:34 PM

I've been negative these past few months and realize more and more every day I need to be more positive. This just reinforces it! Thank you so much for everything you do Tim

YonisSep 07, 20 9:42 PM

After making a horrible trade when everyone makes money on it screws me mentally. But I recognize it affects me so I step away or even just not take another trade because I know I am fustrated. I believe mastering one's psychology is the true challenge.

ecordle92Sep 07, 20 9:43 PM

im going to meet you in Miami to ride in your lambo!!

simonfuture2Sep 07, 20 9:49 PM

@Yonis the daily trading coach is great book for trading psychology

el5216Sep 07, 20 9:51 PM

Thanks Tim!!!A good way to star a short week listen to you videos as wake up call not to get sucked into it and being smart about it!!!

simonfuture2Sep 07, 20 10:07 PM

i think positive and find ways to improve my errors and learn from the bad trades! need to cut my losses much quicker and be more disciplined when cutting or even taking my gains. alot of my mistakes come from greed and wanting more, then not reacting good enough to a plan that was wrong!

WindwalzerSep 07, 20 10:08 PM

Thank you for the videos.

bolsenSep 07, 20 10:21 PM

Great encouragement in dealing with fear. I'm trading very small, and finally getting consistent percentages. This helps so much!

FlowTraderSep 07, 20 10:31 PM

It's definitely an inspiration when I see others making money. If I was on the losing side of a trade of the same stock that other's in the chat room have profited on - it means I'm on the right track, I just have to tweak or optimize my trading in order to profit with everyone else! Thanks Tim!

Crazey_CanuckSep 07, 20 10:39 PM

Thanks Tim, opportunity will always knock so study up! Your reaction to what goes on outside of you is what you do to you! It's not about the money watch Kyle's webinar his knowledge account far succeeds his profit account and he's close to 1/2 a million imagine that.

DocBrianSep 07, 20 11:02 PM

Vitamin D12 — A new vitamin likely invented by a Penny Stock. xP . Both of these videos really are good, and great explanation on pump and dumps.

millerruth23Sep 07, 20 11:06 PM

Thanks Tim, I don't always respond positively, but it's so much better than it was when I started. I am constantly working to improve my trading plan.

oldnewbySep 07, 20 11:09 PM

Thanks Tim. I finally think the big battles are over with my negativity towards myself when I make mistakes but plenty of skirmishes ahead I am sure. Maxed my Hotspot data plan out so two days without STT. Make it a little tougher so more caution.

reesi1978Sep 07, 20 11:09 PM

Thank you for this knowledge of the game.

tarzanaSep 07, 20 11:10 PM

@timothysykes I think you are the most honest person out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an inspiration!

AndrooSep 07, 20 11:33 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

DarbsSep 07, 20 11:40 PM

Another great lesson!!!

Tweedybird24Sep 08, 20 12:04 AM

@timothysykes I try to respond positively even I find that I have been chasing plays instead of doing my own homework.

branwillm87Sep 08, 20 12:08 AM

Thanks, always motivating.

PopcheezSep 08, 20 12:36 AM

Thanks Tim! There’s always opportunities if you study!!

PrepareToTradeSep 08, 20 1:27 AM

@DocBrian very funny. Thanks for the lessons Tim. Great videos. I also caught your new youtube video about your top 10 students.

egageSep 08, 20 1:29 AM

'Every play' is essential...whether bad or good. I am thankful for the bad and the good trades because both teach well. A positive outlook is the only way to help in the persevering process.

TraineeTraderSep 08, 20 2:17 AM

I'm studying your MMP in England @timothysykes and getting up 2 hours before work to study. Still all very new and I'm planning to get through the programme before starting to trade. Taken on board your comments about building my knowledge account first. Loving it so far!

alanandetanaSep 08, 20 3:15 AM

Thank you! There’s always mire more more ! So many vids, webinars, dvds, lessons! An inspiration for TIME MANAGEMENT!

Glock26Sep 08, 20 4:32 AM

Penny stocks are corrupt.

happy1128Sep 08, 20 5:44 AM

I try not to let any losses drag me down I learn from them. I simply cut losses simple as that. Thank you Tim

SHAMILSep 08, 20 7:32 AM

Always positive, adapt and save the world!!!!

piscott0306Sep 08, 20 7:35 AM

VideoS watched. Muchas Gracias.

PapaDSep 08, 20 7:41 AM

Great video Tim! Thanks for the reminder that PS are corrupt, but to my advantage :0)

KDJourneySep 08, 20 8:59 AM

€œHow much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it. €• Paulo Coelho, Thanks for your passion . . . Positive self acceptance . . . Committed Student . . . Never give up !

SurfinWavesSep 08, 20 9:01 AM

Great video filled with wisdom. I agree, for me fear of trading is linked to not having enough knowledge. I am learning so much in your Challenge program and the fear is melting away. I have started trading small and as my knowledge and confidence grows, so will the size of my trades. But I have to say that you are an amazing teacher and I have to thank you so much. You are changing lives.

Matthew46Sep 08, 20 11:08 AM

Thank You Tim! needed to hear that again thanks.

Jo897BSep 08, 20 1:05 PM

Thx Tim.

pennymavrosSep 08, 20 6:32 PM

I sufferfomo really bad I tend to jump in when I see a spike and then it turns on me.

htrinhSep 08, 20 11:25 PM

Thanks Tim

SHEANNSep 09, 20 12:19 AM

Thanks Tim

dumbtradesSep 09, 20 5:41 AM

knowledge and mindset are the most important factors

varverde427Sep 09, 20 3:42 PM

Initial reaction is negative when I'm losing but once the shock wears off, it's back to scrutinizing where I went wrong. I'm lucky in that when these trades happen, my husband is my biggest supporter. He has more faith in me than I have in myself. It's a lot of trial and error and I've been a student for only 1 year. I've got lots more lessons to learn. Thank you Tim for your DEDICATION.

Kpow2020Sep 11, 20 1:32 PM

Thank you Tim for all of your support:)

lorena_gerardo83Sep 12, 20 11:52 PM

I have seen this videos twice now!! It never gets old! Thx for the lessons Tim!!

hannon777Sep 13, 20 2:26 PM

thank you i will keep learning and adapting

GramboSep 15, 20 9:23 AM

watching these videos as I keep saying are a constant reminder to cut losses quickly and to adapt to what is and is not working. Thank you! back to the books...

SkeletonSep 19, 20 12:33 AM

Thanks for being real

UncleBenSep 20, 20 6:34 PM

I'm dealing with FOMO, and need to cut loses quickly.

TrentUglowSep 20, 20 8:12 PM

Awesome! Thanks Tim! Fear of losing money.

ScipioDec 12, 20 4:03 PM

Confidence is everything. Keep faith

RobertRiggsJun 10, 21 11:56 AM

Thanks for the lesson Tim.

HenryCraigOct 29, 21 9:32 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success.... Nothing can replace time, effort and experience.

User_1610May 18, 11:19 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

mitnick2Jul 14, 10:08 PM

Awesome recap video lesson about going forward, pushing your studies and succeeding. Thanks @timothysykes

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