hussam232Aug 11, 1:16 PM

because its friday, i waited at first for the stock to calm down then i saw the dip buy and the squeeze , BOT at 2.80 out at 3.30ish , as u said shorts are all over the place , thats why i waited

jtranAug 11, 1:19 PM

great video Tim. I was in at 2.74 anticipating a squeeze but i chickened out as it kept on getting stuffed on any up move. Took a tiny $50 dollar profit 4 min before it squeezed. I was upset at first but it was a great learning experience for me.

karam933Aug 11, 1:20 PM

Made a 100 then lost 110! learned to take profits and gtfo. i will never hold and hope

Kauai2020Aug 11, 1:20 PM

The reasons you stated why they shouldn’t have short sold are the reasons I went long.

Kauai2020Aug 11, 1:23 PM

Morning spike pattern

kam_33Aug 11, 1:31 PM

great lesson !!!

RicoSuave123Aug 11, 1:31 PM

I played it with small size....99 shares at 3.92 and out at 4.71 for a 20% gain. I sized in conservative because of the overcrowding and knew my risk so great trade. Great video tim

RicoSuave123Aug 11, 1:39 PM

I was expecting to make 3 times my risk but I'm glad I got out before its late day collapse from its highs. @timothysykes

MaiTaiAug 11, 1:40 PM

Good lesson, your video lessons are invaluable.

jupiter6manAug 11, 1:45 PM

that ran all day even if it got choppy a swing trader would have banked

JCruzAug 11, 1:48 PM

Was watching this stock Friday morning was looking for dip and rip but was dipping to much also had to leave before this stock went crazy. Sucks to miss trades like this but I know more will come.

LizLeleAug 11, 1:51 PM

I was really close to getting some cash from this play. I was in 200 shares around $2.90. It was a potential long on oracle but it was a gap fill so I was like I’ll try to catch the bottom and see if it reverses. But I judged the bottom based on the one min chart as 2.80 but there was a very clear bottom on the five minute chart as $2.70. Thanks Tim!

punacAug 11, 2:16 PM

I bought the short thesis early on coupled with how the runners were acting this week, spike, fail, recover vwap, grind higher the rest of day, entered at 2.88. Respected stop, tried to get out sooner but filled @3.92. Took a negligible feeler A.H. to have skin in the game, today I feel it is going to be a coin toss and I should have waited, but I am happy I took a smaller than normal feeler position.

hagarAug 11, 2:20 PM

I would have loved to have played RKDA but I was on vacation in Santa Fe and was only watch another ticker. Great lesson, thanks. Trying to catch up after vacation. Ready for Monday!

meechAug 11, 3:14 PM

Thank you, Tim! I was watching RKDA on Fri and wasn't even tempted to try to trade it, way too choppy/fast moving/scary for me. Very good lesson here tho, appreciate the break down on this!!

CrazyWillowsAug 11, 3:20 PM

Brilliant lesson thanks Tim, focused on the rules early in the game but still get caught out now and again "kind of like a bad shot in golf", but I adapt and move on. In early lessons I remember you saying don't try short earnings winners as they can run for days and do not try short stocks on their first green day. Happy to have missed this play as I was not prepared for the backlash of this play.

SamiSosaAug 11, 3:29 PM

i went long but it went down so i cut losses quickly i bough it at the wrong time because after i saw it spike

Tman19Aug 11, 3:45 PM

Checked borrows at open, they were available and was tempted but told my self not too with the low float and tons of short prob crowding in. Saw the sell off and felt the fomo a bit but didn’t regret it. Watch the squeeze and from there on out got a few good long wins in the rest of the day best of all around 12 and 2 when it was apparent more squeezing was coming thanks Tim

usmarine2daytraderAug 11, 3:59 PM

Didn't trade the stock was on drive from LV to SLC round trip but great video lesson....

D22Aug 11, 4:32 PM

Good lessons in this one!! No trade for me on this name in either direction....saw it p/m and knew this would be in play. For that reason on watched the whole thing to learn from p/a. but due to multiple conflicting indicators left it alone and stayed safe.

MrDrewbiusAug 11, 5:06 PM

Great lesson. Didn't trade it but watched on and off throughout the day. Crazy squeeze.

2TheMoonAug 11, 5:39 PM

I missed this play, so bummed, I saw it at 4a but had a long day and slept in to 8a. Plus I had to work that day but 2.8 would have been my entry after the morning panic. Then I would have cut loses at 2.6/2.55 if it didn't squeeze.

russplmb2Aug 11, 5:54 PM

Long at 2.95 in the first dip and then it continued to go down so I figured the news wasn’t that great but I have it a little time and it started to turn around. Got out at 3.00 because it was getting uncomfortable. One second later it jumped to 3.51. I’m a total newb and learned quite a bit from this trade. Thanks for the videos Tim. I’ll cya in the challenge very soon.

GooniesTrader81Aug 11, 6:41 PM

RKDA was too choppy for me to trade. Not my pattern. YRIV was my pattern, so I traded the late day technical breakout making $40. Could've made more because I was interrupted by a coworker. Bought at $0.69 sold at $0.71 before it got up to $0.77. Proud of myself for making money and for being on the right track and comfortable with my trade. Will put myself in a position at work so I don't get interrupted during a trade.

BretpolAug 11, 6:43 PM

I just watched and learned from it. Too choppy for my flavor but absolutely not a short set up.

PocketPATAug 11, 6:46 PM

Thanks Tim!!! Lmaaooo Hilarious. Best teacher ever. I love it. Bookmarked. I missed the long entry on RKDA, but witnessed the squeeze. Very educational. --- YES!!! Can't wait for that Grittani interview. I've been really wondering what his thoughts and strategy have been with shorting being so risky lately. Vacation? or long plays, and what setups if long. Can't wait =)

SecretCitrusAug 11, 6:50 PM

LoL you're a beast, I love it. I made 20cents a share profit on a small position. It was fun to watch though.

TradingMamaAug 11, 7:25 PM

I was seeing it turn around at the end of the day and thought it would close strong, so bought at 3:35. I didn't make a lot and sold too quickly, but I was dead on right.

ElleDianeAug 11, 7:50 PM

I missed the trade before the halt and then I didn't want to chase it.

TinCup72Aug 11, 8:14 PM

I actually lost a small amount long cause of fomo and it was my last trade on PDT rule. But I realized my mistake and learned from it. Going to be posting full comments with my trade posting. Just hoping it may help someone else that's just starting like me. Love the lesson and always learning and studying.

CuriosityTraderAug 11, 9:07 PM

Thanks Tim! This video lesson is Pure Gold. Love your insights. RKDA was an absolute gift from the Market. Same Exact Fucken pattern from the last spike. Shorts don't learn. Human nature never changes. Thank you Shorts for creating these opportunities.

asfricksrsAug 11, 9:27 PM

Thank you Tim, saw the play but did not chase after missed entry.

LittleRedAug 11, 9:31 PM

I almost bought on the little ramp before the squeeze but didnt pull the trigger. It was a nice one to watch though. Those shorts will never learn!

AndrooAug 11, 9:35 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

AndrooAug 11, 9:36 PM

Made $100 long on RKDA! I was prepared

millerruth23Aug 11, 9:57 PM

DIdn't get to be at the market for RKDA, excited for the Grittani video. :)

wright013Aug 11, 10:11 PM

thanks Tim good lesson just watch

lowkey999Aug 11, 10:13 PM

I did see the breakout around 3ish, using trade station, and i was late in execeuting when stock got halted. taking it safe

Jim68Aug 11, 10:19 PM

Spot on!!!!

bcloudyAug 11, 11:21 PM

Thanks Tim! great lesson. I was not in this one.

kel_BAug 11, 11:47 PM

Thanks Tim for the lesson. I did not trade RKDA but enjoyed watching the squeeze. Learning more every day.

Equezada94Aug 12, 2:38 AM

Thanks Tim. Great video! I was watching RKDA all day Friday but it was too scary for me to trade lol.

Equezada94Aug 12, 2:38 AM

Thanks Tim. Great video! I was watching RKDA all day Friday but it was too scary for me to trade lol.

AngeliqueSTLAug 12, 3:30 AM

Thanks for the video lesson. I went long but waiting for the 1st 30 mins to see how the stock was going to react to the news.

cfcmicktAug 12, 5:05 AM

Thank you Tim. Having only traded for just over a year and with a small account I have never done or even thought of doing a short trade. I still study the video lessons on shorting just in case one day shorting does become a good strategy again, but certainly not for me while trying to grow a small account.

timothysykesAug 12, 5:14 AM

@George102 yessss, glad you get it :)

kenz4Aug 12, 5:34 AM

Great video lesson, Study and Rule Number 1 Thanx Tim

SamH90Aug 12, 7:22 AM

One thing I think that should be talked about a lot more with these as well is market cap. RKDA that morning was only 16m market cap (at approx $3), which is absolutely tiny. To put it in perspective it is easier for RKDA to go to $90 per share (500m Mket cap) than it is for KBLB to go to $1 (which would put $KBLB at 1b Mket cap)

TchaikovskyAug 12, 7:59 AM

I’ve been a part of this program for just a few months, I was watching RKDA pre market but I walked away from the computer at around 9:55 ish... My lesson here is that these short squeezes can happen at any time of day, not just ten or fifteen minutes after the market open.

PeachtartAug 12, 8:09 AM

Thanks Tim. Not shorting yet, until I know a lot more than I do now. Being careful, even with my longs. Tiny baby steps. I can't afford to blow up....I wouldn't be able to come back.

smyth10Aug 12, 8:19 AM

I love short squeezes! I recognized this former runner but didn't trade it, due to work, but I definitely seen the potential thanks to all of your great material you provide us with. Thanks tim

gjbailey36Aug 12, 8:45 AM

Missed the DIp in the am and didn't play but watched and learned.

hennipenAug 12, 8:54 AM

Thanks Tim. @George102 thanks for sharing the screencast.

AJPAug 12, 9:07 AM

Used it as a practice trade and made $0.10/share with $20 profit. Bough into strength and got out right before the close. Watching roughly 10 Dip Buying Lessons per day is definitely helping. Plus, meticulous note taking. Thank you, working on getting closer to self proficiency each day.

2grasleysAug 12, 9:09 AM

I took a small loss but I did cut my losses quickly on a long. Thanks Tim!!

quyenhaAug 12, 9:18 AM

I dip buy at 2.97 got in a little early and it broke my support got scared with a small loss, but was happy to see i was on the right track

GrimesAug 12, 9:43 AM

Good stuff

shoeusnAug 12, 10:15 AM

Thanks for this video Tim great set up for the next week!

redwagonriderAug 12, 12:17 PM

Excellent Video. I WILL NOT SHORT FGD ON PREVIOUS SUPERNOVAS. I traded RKDA prior to market open. was patient on the dip to $3, got out P/M at 3.3 when resistance was holding. Didn't get back in because I had other trades n my watchlist to pay attention to. Love these lessons. keep em coming.

JonathanIParraAug 12, 1:03 PM

learned alot from this trade, you had multiple indicators and a short squeeze , the conditions lined up for a beautiful trade setup. congrats longs

wildwesAug 12, 1:43 PM

this one was a heart attack special. Dip bought but got stopped out. 5 mintues later it spiked, got halted, then spiked more. Still cut losses quickly. Won't trade this one again if it moves like this, too hard to read lvl2 and the chart when it moves like that

STritzAug 12, 1:57 PM

Thank you for the lesson. I love how you’re always drilling into our heads “trade safe and cut losses quickly and be patient”. I need someone to drill that into my head because I’m NOT a very patient person and I need someone to keep me focused so thanks again I lean a lot every time I watch these videos

PapaDAug 12, 5:34 PM

Thanks Tim! This is one of the 1st stocks I held long o/n from late day 8/9/19. This was the 1st play I was in and out a number of times, and one most profitable with. Played this one through 8/12. Thanks again, and I did cut losses quickly when it moved in the wrong direction.

Sky_Hi_TradingAug 13, 8:22 AM

thanks for mentioning why you didnt get long on RKDA

KDJourneyAug 13, 8:23 AM

Thanks Tim for the lessons ~ Key is safety.

dbritto1969Aug 13, 7:59 PM

Just been studying haven't traded for 5 months just watch and absorbing all info , thanks tim

zarazaAug 13, 9:46 PM

Thanks Tim.. Sometimes losing all ur money is the only way to learn. Cut loses quickly. No trade.

boydAug 14, 10:54 PM

thanks, Tim!

herman11Aug 14, 11:29 PM

good lesson Tim !

jonfine24Aug 15, 5:21 PM

great lesson! thanks Tim

GrimesAug 16, 12:31 AM

Good stuff

kwinozAug 16, 12:59 AM

Thanks! Another great lesson :)

sierra121500Aug 17, 2:18 PM

Safety is paramount! Thanks, Tim.

MiaPlateauAug 31, 4:08 AM

• There is an extra charge to hold stocks over the weekend, more reason people lose confidence in shorting on Friday.

greenking49Aug 31, 10:53 PM

Focus on risk management,fri sharfs squeeze, super nova low float watch the fukk out

redwagonriderSep 01, 6:40 PM

Focus on being safe, focus on your own process. focus on your position sizes! It is not the end of the world to short, but it is the end of the world to short and not follow the rules

IrohSep 01, 10:05 PM

TNT for the brain

RockRobsterSep 12, 1:19 PM

Totally avoided RKDA. Some times the best play is no play.

RedBeeSep 18, 4:40 PM

I watched this video several times, but until today, I know what short squeeze is. I shorted LXRX, twice, this first time I got lucky and made $200, but before the market closed it got squeezed. Now I'm waiting, hope tomorrow it will drop. However I definitely learned the lesson. thank you so much Tim, for sharing and teaching, your video are so worth learning.

TwoBobSep 19, 3:22 PM

god you are good but you do woffle on about other thing

PhoebusSep 23, 8:02 AM

good presentation

piscott0306Oct 10, 2:35 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

JRFOct 12, 12:04 AM

Thank You Tim. Friday short squeezes can be easy money for longs.

tommy888gDec 04, 1:28 AM

It's amazing to hear responsible/dangerous of short selling, both of you Timothy and Tim. This is a big thing for me. Nobody talks that way. Thanks.

tommy888gDec 04, 3:10 AM

It's amazing to hear from you responsibility/dangerous short selling low flow Friday squeeze. Thanks. Influence short selling doesn't mean responsibility of losses, just cut loss quickly. Noone talk's this way, thanks Tim.

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